Replacing 2G 3G Technologies with Next-Gen Solutions

Hit your targets. Switch to next-gen 5G IoT with a reliable intelligent network provider.

2G 3G Replacement

Transform Your Offerings and Embrace 5G IoT

Let your 2G 3G sunset be the dawn of a new deployment

Technology evolves, so must we. As 2G and 3G devices fade into obsolescence, organizations across virtually every vertical face the challenge of this new technological metamorphosis.

The 2G 3G sunset presents you with a prime opportunity to strengthen your deployment strategy by asking:

  • Am I confident in my technology roadmap?
  • Do I have the right strategy?
  • Am I working with a connectivity partner I can count on to transition my devices and migrate my customers smoothly to the technology of tomorrow?

4G and 5G are already shaping the future of IoT, accelerating connected devices as they upload, download, stream, and analyze data. With the right network provider, you and your end-users can enjoy a consistently positive user experience.

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Navigate the 2G 3G Sunset Horizon with Ease

Plan and execute a frictionless move for you and your users.

Connectivity standards are improving. The right partner can help you capitalize on this time of change — for the better.


Performance Management

Speed up your devices

Experience the power of the latest generation of connectivity on the world’s most intelligent IoT network.

Performance Management

Control Costs

Monitor and control the usage behavior of all devices, and spare your customers excess charges from roaming and externalities.

Performance Management

Enhance your user support

Keep customers happy. Team up with a support partner you can depend on to position your deployment for success.

Performance Management

Stay in compliance

Adhere to all new regulations by leveraging the latest connectivity standards.

Performance Management

Expand your coverage

Leverage 4G and 5G cellular connectivity in more than 190 countries across hundreds of carrier networks.

Performance Management

Customize your plan

Create dynamic usage plans that fit your vision, needs, and budget.

2G/3G Sunset Customer Story

“Aeris, and its global connectivity service, enables us to provide the same patient experience from urban Kiev in Ukraine to rural Uganda, and to address the challenge of tuberculosis treatment with a creative and cost-effective solution.”

Lloyd Marshall, CEO and Founder, Wisepill Technologies

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Does Your Current Network Partner Plan Ahead?

Maximize Your Investment in 5G.

Innovation never sleeps, and our intelligent connectivity platform doesn’t either. The 2G 3G sunset may still be at your back, but dawn is just ahead. You need a partner with a proven track record of predicting new trends and determining which best practices will keep your feet on the ground and your investment protected.

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Connectivity wheel

Get consistent speeds

Avoid lag times that frustrate customers and interfere with their work.

Global support infrastructure

Eliminate throttling

Your connectivity provider shouldn’t play favorites; we never throttle connections.

Flexible plans

Pay for what you need with a plan scaled to your size.

Secure Intelligence Network

Enhance Security

Reduce security risks with network intelligence.

Hardhat worker on phone wearing gloves

Manage Sunset Timelines without Added Risk

Caution and wisdom aren’t the same things.

Eventually, all older technologies will be rolled over to newer, more efficient protocols. Shifting from older technology to new technology can often be a slow, costly process if for no other reason but caution. Aeris is familiar with overcoming transitioning issues, providing an efficient, future-proven solution for connectivity management without increased risk.

Contact Aeris to get the latest information on the U.S. and international wireless network sunset plans, as well as recommendations on how to move forward with minimal disruption.

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Control 2G 3G Sunset Switch Costs with Machine Learning

Quickly identify runaway data.

How do you monitor deployment of hundreds of thousands of devices for instances of runaway usage costs? You leverage an intelligent network that can monitor and alert you as soon as there’s an issue.

Spot data spikes fast

Get live updates charting data consumption to guard against sharp data peaks.

Target data hogging devices

Malfunctioning or compromised devices can eat up data. Take back control—take data-hogging devices offline.

Find out where your data is going

Gain full visibility into which devices are sending and receiving data.

What is your Foremost IoT Challenge?

Explore just a few of our capabilities.

Launching New IoT Programs

Still planning your IoT deployment? Consult with an expert for a smooth launch.

Transitioning to LTE-M

Take your next step to new connectivity technologies.

Improving an Existing IoT Program

Make a great program even better with best-in-class connectivity.

Connected Vehicles

Drive a connected vehicle program with the Aeris Mobility Suite.

Stay Connected with the Latest in IoT

Keep learning. Keep evolving. Keep moving forward.

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Security Management

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Support Management

Make a Smart Move with Intelligent IoT Customer Service

Follow the Future Course. Replace 2G 3G Technologies Today.

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