Transitioning to LTE-M for IoT

Improve operational efficiency. Lower costs.

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Transition to LTE-M on an Intelligent Network

Less is More with LTE-M

Push Your IoT Deployments Further than Ever Before

LTE-M is today’s standard of low power, wide-area (LPWA) connectivity meeting security and power conservation levels suited for global deployments. Improve your IoT business model with low-cost modules, extended battery life, better signal penetration, and the ability to use existing infrastructure.

Get the highest value for data access and security in the industry. Make the move to LTE-M.

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Push the boundaries of your deployment by transitioning to LTE-M for IoT

Go more places with deployments that last longer & cost less.

Start a dialogue with our solutions architects today to see how you can leverage LTE-M for IoT.

Build on low-cost modules

Lower data transmission rates. Reduce module costs by up to 50%.

Use existing infrastructure

LTE-M can piggyback on existing LTE networks that span the US. Networks are rapidly expanding globally.

Extend battery life

LTE-M devices see a 10x improvement in battery longevity with the use of Power Saving Mode (PSM).

Improve indoor and underground penetration

Lower-frequency MHz channels provide better penetration for indoor, underground, and underwater IoT applications.

Get More Life out of Your Batteries

Move to more durable, sustainable, cost-efficient battery power.

Earlier versions of connectivity technologies were “always-on,¨ leading to a situation where batteries were engaged all the time, radically lowering the lifespan of IoT devices.

With LTE-M, devices enter a “sleep” or power-saving mode and wake up only periodically while connected, cutting costs and lengthening battery life by 10x—up to five years.

Find out how much I can save

Energy and utilities managed through technology

Optimize your coverage

Leverage the power of multiple networks with no steering.

Give your devices a rest

No more chewing up battery with 24/7 GPS-based location functionality. Leverage the power of coarse location.

Cut costs

More resilient equipment means a better bottom line for your deployment.

Push Your Deployment Into the Future with an Intelligent LTE-M Connectivity Provider

Your deployment. Our network. A recipe for success.

Transition to LTE-M

make connectivity easy

Transition Smoothly to LTE-M for IoT with the Right Partner

Use a global connectivity provider that provides best-in-class support

Uncertainty is always lurking even in times of progress, but a practiced connectivity partner helps you plan and actualize the next stage of your deployment. Learn how LTE-M will put you ahead.

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