The SIM card stores network-specific information used to authenticate and identify your device on the Aeris GSM network.

The Aeris SIM is available in different form factors that allow for various classes of M2M and IoT solutions.

  • For most solutions, the Standard grade mini-SIM is appropriate. They can be easily inserted in the SIM card holder in your device, and will performed well under normal environmental conditions.
  • When your solution operates under harsher environmental conditions, or when your device is subject to repeatable vibrations and shocks, the ruggedized Individual grade mini-SIM provides a good alternative.
 Aeris Standard grade mini-SIM (2FF)Aeris Industrial grade mini-SIM (2FF)
Type of M2M solutionsFor most M2M and IoT solutions (consumer or industrial)For industrial solutions operating under harsh environment conditions and with devices subject to repeatable vibrations and shocks
Connection to deviceStandard SIM, as used in GSM phones Ruggedized standard SIM, with thicker pin plating
Chip size25 x 15 x 0.76 mm25 x 15 x 0.76 mm
Temperature resistance range-25°C - +85°C
(~-13°F - +185°F)
-40°C - +105°C
(~-40°F - +221°F)
HumidityHumid environmentHumid to highly humid environment
CorrosionSalt atmosphereSalt atmosphere
Vibration-Automotive vibration
Shock-Automotive shock
Data capacity70 KB70 KB
Data retention10 years
(at 25°C / 77°F)
10 years
(at 25°C / 77°F)