1. Who Needs to Certify?

If you plan to put more than 2000 operational devices on the Aeris network then you should certify your devices with Aeris. If you plan to put fewer than 2000 devices on the Aeris network you can self certify that your devices follow the best practices outlined in Device and Application Requirements on the Aeris Network. Regardless of the number of devices you plan to put on the Aeris network, the Device and Application Requirements should be fulfilled. If you choose to self certify and at a later date you believe you will exceed 2000 devices Aeris may require that you certify your device with Aeris.

2. Aeris Device and Application Certification

Devices must be certified before they can go into production on the Aeris network.The goal of the Aeris certification process is to validate the following:
  • The device supports all functions as per product specifications.
  • The device does not create performance patterns which may be detrimental to Aeris network operation.
  • The device does not perform erratically.
  • The device meets the minimum RF performance requirements.
  • Device manufacturers have technical support processes, infrastructure, and escalation capabilities in place.
Certification of the end M2M devices submitted to Aeris by customer for approval to deploy the device on the network consists of 2 main phases: Phase 1: Certification of M2M Device. Device certification process checks the performance of the device’s radio module in the current physical implementation of the M2M application. At this stage device is tested to verify performance of the following functions:
  • 1XRTT/EVDO Packet Data
  • Mobile IP
  • MO/MT Voice (if applicable).
Phase 2: Certification of M2M Application. At this stage the M2M application is tested to verify that it does not create any operational patterns which might negatively impact the performance of Aeris network. Particular details on the test cases and all other certification requirements are specified in the Device Certification package which will be available upon request. General requirements for the end M2M devices:

1. All M2M end devices utilizing CDMA/EVDO technologies must use Radio modules of approved AERIS SKU.

Aeris SKU modules are fully tested and approved for use on the Aeris Network. They are pre‐configured at the fac­tory for Aeris Network Services, and have all the necessary firmware, configura­tion parameters, PRL and PRI information, etc.,M2M devices submitted for Aeris certification are required to meet the appropriate FCC requirements, which include the following:
  • FCC CFR Title 47 Part 15 (Radio Frequency Devices)
  • FCC CFR Title 47 Part 22 (Public Mobile Devices)
  • FCC CFR Title 47 Part 24 (Personal Communications Systems)

2. Radiated RF Test Results

Customer must test radiated TIS/TRP RF performance in CTIA 17025 accredited lab and supply Aeris with a test results report (particular details on the RF testing requirements are specified in Aeris Device Certification package. ). SAR Testing is required for all devices that have an antenna that operates within 20cm of the human body. For more information: If you have any questions, please drop an email to device-certification@aeris.net and we will get back to you.