Neo offers the ultimate IoT network solutions for your business. With on-demand connectivity, Neo’s SIMs and services provide you with a number of ways to increase the productivity of your IoT/M2M communications. These services include:

Data With Neo SIMs on the Aeris network, your machines have the ability to quickly send and receive data to or from one another in nearly any location throughout the US.

SMS — Neo’s SIMs provide the SMS capability needed for your devices to interact with short text messages back and forth.

VPN/Private Link With a VPN/private link, your devices can be connected directly to your corporate network. On the VPN/private link, communication is encrypted, and combined with the Aeris network segregating your data from external traffic, you can rest assured your information is secure.

Expanded Coverage The Aeris network is the premier option for IoT/M2M solutions — encapsulating GPRS, Edge, and UMTS services to provide GSM and LTE coverage that reaches over 200 million people and even more machines.

API Access Neo provides a set of sophisticated APIs that are able to perform large scale network operations in real-time. Whether you’re analyzing big data, performing administration work, or optimizing communication and control, our APIs help you excel on the IoT/M2M playing field.