Aeris is the number one wireless communications service provider dedicated to machine-to-machine and IoT in the United States.

Our network offers a combination of GPRS, Edge, and UMTS services to provide extensive GSM and LTE coverage that reaches over 200 million people and many more machines. The high reliability of our network has made Aeris the service provider of choice for the most demanding providers of IoT and M2M solutions. See below for Neo GSM and LTE coverage, which is available in the United States only.

Our LTE coverage at a glance — for SMS and data:

LTE coverage map 2

Click to view interactive coverage map.

Our GSM coverage at a glance — for SMS and data:


Are you expanding your business overseas?
While Neo is only available in the United States, Aeris provides first-in-class global GSM coverage. Thanks to our partner networks, we can serve businesses in over 200 countries on all continents. Contact Us to learn more.

Do you need CDMA?
Our CDMA connectivity service has the best coverage across all service providers in the United States. Contact Us to learn more.