When it comes to IoT or M2M, a standard consumer carrier network simply isn’t going to provide the solutions your company needs to be at its best. Neo understands this, which is why we connect you to the award-winning Aeris network. With over 50 patents, Aeris offers the best connectivity for your remote devices. When you use Neo’s technology and the Aeris network, you’re using the only network that is exclusively “Made for Machines.”

What Makes the Aeris Network Such a Powerhouse in the IoT and M2M world? 

First-class GSM and LTE coverage  The Aeris network offers extensive 2G / 3G GSM and LTE coverage, enabling your device to communicate reliably with the back-end of your systems. For a complete picture of exactly what our network covers, check out the coverage map

An always on M2M “dial tone”  The Aeris network offers second-to-none reliability. Your devices will avoid the congestion that bogs down most consumer-grade networks, so you’ll never have to worry about whether your important information is being delivered quickly.

Security best-practices  On the Aeris network, your data is protected, and the exposure to network layer attacks is dramatically limited. When you’re using Neo SIMs, your devices are in safe hands.

Security, speed, availability — the Aeris network provides everything you need for successful IoT/M2M solutions. But don’t take our word for it, read how some of our favorite customers are making use of the network for their applications today.