Neo SIMs do more than simply transmit data to or from your IoT/M2M device. They also allow you to send and receive SMS messages, opening up entirely new lines of communication for your business.

Your Security Is Our Priority

The Aeris network is focused on your security, more so than traditional carrier networks. Constructed to keep internal traffic completely separate from public internet traffic, the Aeris network keeps your SMS messages private, and any SMS sent from your device must go through our AerFrame proprietary API. For more information on how this system works, check out this guide to sending and receiving SMS messages with AerFrame.

Beyond SMS

If you need something more than SMS messaging such as MO/MT voice, we’re here to help. Contact our sales team to get a quote for our GSM/UMTS service with voice.

Take Complete Control

With SMS capability provided by Neo SIM cards, you’ll have greater control over all of your IoT/M2M devices, as well as the security that’s important to your organization. Get started with Neo today, and discover how you can implement second-to-none IoT/M2M connectivity into your solutions.