Additional Data and SMS

Every Neo SIM card on the Aeris network is afforded 750 KB of data a month. That said, there is no limit to how much data you can use throughout the month—you simply pay per additional KBs of data. Our SMS pricing is also straightforward—you only pay for the SMS messages your device sends or receives.
Each additional KB after 750 KB (bytes in / out )$0.001
(or $1.00 per MB)
SMS – Mobile Originated$0.10
SMS – Mobile Terminated$0.10
  • Usage in any data session is rounded up to the next KB per session for the SIM card
  • Aeris bills both the monthly access fee and additional usage or SIM management fees on a monthly basis by the fifth day of the following month
  • Fees are charged to the credit card on file with your account
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The MyAlerts service gives you the tools required to track the behaviors of your SIM cards and devices.
 Fixed monthly pricePrice per SIM card per monthSetup fee
MyAlert with 2 alertsincluded in monthly access fee
MyAlerts Premium with 12 alerts--$0.10--
MyAlerts Premium service is offered at a rate of $0.10 per month, per SIM under your account, regardless of its state.

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Aeris provides two different levels of support depending on your needs:

  • Our Community Support package is covered by your monthly access fees and is available to all users
  • Our Infinity Silver Support provides added resources and is available for an additional monthly fee
 Fixed monthly pricePrice per SIM card per monthSetup fee
Online Supportincluded in monthly access fee
Infinity Silver $1,000$0.15Free
The Infinity Support package applies to all SIM cards under your account, and you will be charged the monthly fee shown or quoted plus $0.15 for every SIM under your account regardless of its state (whether provisioned, active-billed or suspended).

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VPN / Private Link

 Fixed monthly pricePrice per SIM card per monthSetup fee
VPN/Private Link & static IP----$1,000
VPN/Private link users are required to sign up for Infinity Silver Support.

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