SIM Cards / Shipping

For your device to operate on the Aeris network, it will require a SIM card. Neo offers SIM cards in two form functions:

Standard grade mini-SIM – Appropriate for most solutions, these SIM cards can be easily inserted into the SIM card holder in your device and perform well under normal environmental conditions.

Industrial grade mini-SIM – These ruggedized SIMs are ideal for devices that operate under harsher environmental conditions, as well as devices that are subject to repeatable vibrations and shocks.

Standard grade mini-SIM (2FF)$2.75 per SIM
Industrial grade mini-SIM (2FF)$4.50 per SIM

Neo offers different, flat-rate shipping speeds within the United States depending on the immediacy of your needs. You can order between 10 and 2000 SIM cards at any time.

 Delivery in the USPrice
Expedited 1 to 2 business days$10.00 per order
Priority2 to 3 business days$5.00 per order
Standard5 to 8 business daysFree

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Monthly Access Fee

Any Neo SIM that is in an active-billed state is charged a monthly access fee. If the SIM is in an active billed state for less than a month, then that rate is pro-rated.

This access fee includes 750 KB of data per SIM, per month on the Aeris network at no additional charge.

Please note that this data does not roll over to subsequent months.

Access fee to Aeris network$1.00 per SIM per month
Access to AerPortincluded
Up to 750 KB (bytes in / out)included
SMS – Mobile Originated or Terminatednot included

All fees listed above are per SIM card.

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SIM Management

Through the SIM Management functionality in the AerPort API, you can manage the state of your SIM cards.

SIM management fees
SIM provisioning feeFree
SIM cancellation feeFree
SIM suspension fee $0.50
Complimentary usage for testing
5 KB of dataFree
2 SMSFree
  • You can suspend a Neo SIM card an unlimited number of times for periods of up to 12 consecutive months.
  • If you wish to change your SIM card back to active-billing, you can do so via the AerPort API.
  • If you do not move your SIM card to an active-billed state after 12 months, it will be done automatically.
  • If a SIM card is in a suspended state for less than the whole month, the monthly access fee is pro-rated for just the period in which the SIM card is in an Active-billed state.

Test data: A SIM card in a provisioned state may use 5 KB of data and 2 SMS  for test purposes at no charge.

Please visit our Options page to see how you can customize your Neo SIMs to suit your needs even further. 

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Looking for the quickest way to calculate your Neo SIMs, and estimate monthly connectivity costs once you’re on the award-winning Aeris network? Check out our Cost Calculator page now to estimate your order and service!


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