Neo provides a simple and affordable way for you to implement your IoT/M2M solutions. We also make it easier than ever to manage your SIMs once they are up and running on the award-winning Aeris network.

With our Connectivity Management and Remote SIM Management services, you can monitor and troubleshoot your devices, ensuring that any issues are addressed quickly. These tools also help you control the status of your SIM cards so your devices only use the data you require. Plus, you can have customizable alert notifications sent to ensure you don’t unknowingly exceed your monthly allotments.

Saving You Time, Saving You Money

When you use Neo’s self-service SIM management platform, you’ll notice the results right away. With the best tools on the best network, Neo is the number one option for your organization to connect your devices with the IoT/M2M cloud.

You can find more information on our Connectivity Management services here, while Remote SIM Management services can be accessed here.