AerPort, Neo’s award-winning connectivity management platform, gives you the ability to monitor your SIM cards as they connect your IoT/M2M solutions. Through AerPort you can see the complete picture of your SIMs and make adjustments at a moment’s notice, monitor your device’s consumption levels and traffic patterns, and diagnose and resolve anomalies or issues, all in one clear, concise tool. With one click of the AerPort dashboard interface you’ll have access to an array of information, including:

  • Which of your devices are currently active and inactive on the Aeris network
  • The health status of your data and SMS connectivity, APIs, and other core network elements
  • The usage trends among your devices
Whether you are using 10 SIMs or 10,000, AerPort will keep you on top of how your devices are performing.

Quickly Diagnose and Troubleshoot Issues With the Devices Interface

Has one of your devices started to showcase faulty behavior? Not so long ago, you would have had to send a technician out to your device’s location to run diagnostics and figure out the problem. AerPort’s Devices Manager makes that a thing of the past. The Devices Interface allows you to quickly troubleshoot and resolve any issue you have with your SIM, thanks to its tools that give you the ability to: 

  • Ping your device to determine whether or not it is reachable over the Aeris network
  • Initiate a network registration reset, forcing your device to reconnect to the network
  • Send a test SMS to determine whether your device is capable of receiving messages such as these
Basically, if you see an issue, the AerPort Devices Interface can help you address it. It’s as simple as that.

Get on Track, Stay on Track

With AerPort, you’ll always know what your devices are doing. And if one needs troubleshooting, you’ll have access to the tools you need to ensure its up and running again in no time, saving you time and money.

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