Neo is built on a platform of application program interfaces (APIs) that provide users with top tier connectivity for your IoT/M2M solutions. Our APIs give you the power to automate sophisticated, time-consuming network operations, as well as perform big data analytics in near real-time.


Before you can access your APIs, you need an API key. The API key acts as a pass to the Aeris server that hosts the interface as well as your account. Each API key is specific to each unique account, giving your information an added level of security.


The AerAdmin API allows you to automatically manage lifecycles for single or multiple devices from initial provisioning all the way through to cancellation, including:

  • Provision
  • Activate
  • Suspend
  • Un-suspend
  • Cancel
Additionally, AerAdmin enables rate plan assignments and changes for devices. More information on the AerAdmin API can be found here.


The AerFrame API allows Neo users to dive into their device’s communication and control, as well as communicate with the Web Services application. AerFrame’s features include:

  • The ability to send MO and MT SMS Direct messages between device and application
More information on the AerFrame API can be found here.


The AerTraffic API enables device reporting. Its web service interface provides administrators access to reports related to traffic usage and billing, including:

  • Device Reports
    • Device Detail Report
    • Device Activity Report
    • Device Summary Report
  • Traffic Cost Reports
    • Traffic Cost Daily Report by Device
    • Traffic Cost Summary Report
  • Traffic Reports
    • Traffic Detail Report by Device
More information on the AerTraffic API can be found here.