What’s here?

This page shows you how to initiate a packet data session, send data, and verify receipt of a corresponding response.

establish_packet_session_3Follow the instructions under PDP Context Activation in the AT command guide for your device. The example on the right demonstrates how to make a successful PDP context, send PING Echo Request messages, and receive corresponding Echo Replies using a Telit HE910 radio module and Tera Term emulator. The lines in the emulator window are also shown below:

#MWI: 1,1,0 AT+CREG? +CREG: 0,5 OK AT#SGACT=1,1 #SGACT: OK AT#PING="www.aeris.net" #PING: 01,"",23,50 #PING: 01,"",23,50 #PING: 01,"",23,50 #PING: 01,"",23,50 OK
AT command sets

AT command sets are NOT the same for all radio modules. Consult the AT command guide for your device.

What’s next?

Congratulations, your SIM operates successfully in the Neo™ connectivity service! Now you can incorporate it into your IoT solution!