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BBOXX to Install Aeris’ IoT Solutions to Provide Electricity in Remote Areas

April 27, 2018

Solar solutions company BBOXX has collaborated with internet of things (IoT) provider Aeris to supply clean energy to millions of people residing in off-grid communities in the developing world.

Aeris’ global subscriber identity module (SIM) will be deployed at the point of manufacture, enabling BBOXX to reduce its supply chain costs and solution deployment time.

Aeris’ Europe vice-president Mohsen Mohseninia said: “Aeris’ ability to offer high-quality IoTs connectivity at the most optimised total cost of ownership ensures that BBOXX’s solar systems are operational and reliable no matter where in the world they are deployed.

“Aeris’ SIMs can also be installed at the point of manufacture, ensuring supply-chain costs are reduced and BBOXX solutions can be deployed without the need for time-consuming local network configuration.

“We look forward to helping BBOXX expand their capabilities and deliver clean energy to people throughout the world.”

By using Aeris’ single global access point name (APN), the BBOXX solar system can be integrated anywhere across the globe, even in the most remote locations. It can be deployed on a simple plug-and-play basis, eliminating the necessity to configure local network settings.

Aeris’ connectivity management platform for IoT devices, Aeris AerPort, will enable BBOXX to have real-time access to data usage, alert management, and device connectivity management over the Aeris SIM life cycle.

By 2020, BBOXX will supply electricity to 20 million people, catering to their various power needs ranging from home lighting to phone charging.

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