Blog How IoT Helps Blood Banks Reduce Waste and Save Lives

Hospitals and healthcare providers operate under constant shortages of blood for transfusions. According to Americas Blood Centers, one in seven people who enter a hospital require a blood transfusion, and less than 10% of those eligible to donate blood do so annually. Red blood cells have a maximum shelf life of 42 days, blood platelets […]

Blog How Smart Parks Revitalize the Urban Park Experience

Well-loved urban parks historically have served as community centers. With more than 100,000 public park facilities scattered throughout neighborhoods and cities in the United States, urban parks have the potential benefit of fostering community and providing kids and adults with a place to socialize, exercise, play, and connect with the outdoors. As one City Lab […]

Blog In the Urban Jungle, LPWA is King: IoT Solutions for Zoo Safety

Surrounding ones self with several hundred species of wild animal from all corners of the world would normally present a serious and frightening safety risk for even the most intrepid thrill seeker. Yet we rarely think about safety when we step through the gates of our citys local zoo. Behind the scenes, however, zookeepers work […]

Blog IoT Device Management: Ask the Right Questions, Get the Right Platform

When it comes to effective IoT implementation, businesses face a series of unique challenges. IoT-enabled machines, sensors, and devices require regular software updates as technology evolves, and new device onboarding, device maintenance, and repair cycles must be executed quickly to avoid downtime and the interruption of IoT data collection. A companys IoT platform requires a […]

Blog Three Key Considerations for Successful Adoption of IoT Enterprise Asset Management

With any enterprise comes an abundance of critical assets: vehicles, production materials, products, machines, tools, appliances, and peopleall of which need to be managed properly to avoid costly delays and malfunctions, meet compliance standards, and achieve financial goals. It comes as no surprise that the Global Asset Management market is growing. According to a market […]

Blog How IoT Enhances Traditional GPS

As outlined in our 2016 blog, GPS: The Grandfather of IoT, GPS is a radio navigation satellite service (RNSS). Unlike IoT applications, GPS doesnt require the user to transmit data and operates independently of any telephonic or internet reception, providing a powerful tool for companies around the world to locate and track assets wherever they […]

Blog Industry 4.0: Five Ways SIM-Enabled IoT is Overhauling Manufacturing

Almost 20 years ago, the introduction of computer-driven automation brought fundamental change to the manufacturing industry. Today, with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturing is changing again. The traditional factory floor already accustomed to interconnected production means along a predefined hierarchy, with every asset working together to achieve efficient production at optimal […]

Blog Mean Green IoT: Monitor and Track Pollutants with Dynamic Networks

As the world works toward a greener future, new tools are needed to study the impact humans have on the environment. For most urban areas, the annual carbon footprint of a single city can range from 40 to 80 metric tons of carbon dioxide according to Business Insider. Fortunately, environmental sensor technologies have greatly improved […]

Blog How to Effectively Use Alerts as Part of an IoT System

Businesses across dozens of industries are turning IoT-collected data into practical action to improve operational efficiency and provide better service. From retail supply chain management to smart home solar energy to healthcare patient monitoring to tracking fleet locations and service conditions, the number of applications for data collected by IoT will continue to grow as […]