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Aeris & Mevia Earn Top Enterprise Service Innovation Award from Global Telecoms Business

Internet of Things Technology From Aeris Enables Mevia to Improve Medication Adherence

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 24, 2017Aeris, a pioneer and leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) market, said today it and Mevia are the 2017 recipient of the “Enterprise Service Innovation” award given by Global Telecoms Business magazine. Representatives from Aeris and Mevia received the honor at a gala awards dinner Tuesday evening in London, U.K. This is the second consecutive year Aeris received this industry honor.

Mevia provides intelligent solutions to improve the quality of medical treatments. This is done by supporting and enabling people to take the right medication at the right time. This helps improve adherence, which is one of the greatest obstacles to successful medical treatments.

Missed medication and adherence is a huge challenge globally for healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies alike. Up to $289 billion is spent on missed medication and adherence issues in the U.S., and the global pharmaceutical market’s revenue loss is estimated to be $564 billion owing to medication non-adherence, according to the IMS Health Institute.

Mevia has created technology, enabled by Aeris® IoT Solutions platform, which can be adapted to work in blister packs, pill dispensers, and pill pouches, providing patient support and personal adherence feedback in real-time.

For Mevia’s part, the company is trying to make it as easy as possible for the user to take the right medication dose at the right time. What Mevia does is add printed traces onto packaging so when a consumer takes out a pill they are breaking a trace. The trace feeds into an electronic device so that when the consumer takes any pill out of the package, Mevia knows exactly which one it is and when it is taken it out.

Mevia then uses GSM, CDMA and LTE networks provided by Aeris to send this data in real-time from the package into Mevia’s information technology system, which can connect instantly with a patient, doctor, care giver or relative in any form of communication that they prefer including short message service, email, phone calls or push notifications via mobile app.

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Supporting Quotes

  • Alan Burkitt-Gray, Executive Editor of Global Telecom Business and Capacity
    “We had a superb range of projects nominated for this year’s awards, the eleventh time Global Telecoms Business has presented our annual Innovation Awards. Each year since 2007 we’ve seen how the industry is getting more innovative and more imaginative about serving customers as technology advances. To get through the first hurdle and be shortlisted is already a great tribute to the quality of work here, and to go on to win an award shows an excellent level of innovation in driving demand for better quality services. Congratulations Aeris and Mevia. Men and women in the industry are making a huge difference to the world. At the GTB Innovation Awards we want to celebrate what men and women across the industry are doing to make a huge difference to the world.”
  • Jesper Hassel, CEO, Mevia
    “Mevia is honored to be recognized with Aeris by Global Telecoms Business for this industry honor. Together with Aeris, we are helping improve medical adherence and give our patients access to receive real-time, useful information no matter where they are in the world. What’s great about working with Aeris is that we can set up quickly and operate easily in many different countries.”
  • Syed Zaeem Hosain, Founder and CTO, Aeris
    “Aeris welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with Mevia and tackle a huge worldwide problem involving missed medication and adherence through our Internet of Things solution platform. Our goal is to assist Mevia on their journey of turning unconnected products into connected services.”


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