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Based on your location, we recommend switching to the Aeris Europe website. There you will find information about Aeris' IoT connectivity services unique to your region.

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Improve DIY Smart Home Security System User Experience with SIM Card Provisioning

The home security system industry is growing as smart home technology becomes more accessible and home insurance companies are more readily providing discount incentives to homeowners who use such smart systems. Research from Markets and Markets estimates that annual sales in alarm monitoring systems will reach $60 billion by 2023. In particular, consumers increasingly are becoming interested in DIY smart home security systems, like those designed by SimpliSafe, that are IoT-based and use wireless connections, and require the homeowner to install it. These systems are becoming popular due to their easy set-up, low cost, and convenient, smartphone-based monitoring features. Despite their growing success, there is room for smart home security system manufacturers to improve their network connectivity services for these systems.

The Trouble with Troubleshooting Smart Home Security Systems

Smart home security systems are comprised of a handful of devices, which include (at minimum) several entry sensors, a keypad, and an alarm. Although it is the systems cellular network that creates a web of safety throughout the home, it is through the connected sensor and alarm devices, via the homeowners smartphone, that sends out emergency help requests.

Although the cellular network is at the crux of these systems, most home security products do not provide their end consumers with a direct line of communication to the products network provider. Network setup and network-related troubleshooting can, therefore, become a difficult and frustrating pain point for many end consumers. For example, a customer may find that when rebooting their system, they are able to get it to shut down, but cannot get the system to reconnect to the cellular network after start up. Because the customer doesnt have a direct way to contact the network provider when this happens, they instead must contact the product OEM (or in some cases are removed one step further, having to contact the product retailer), who then communicates with the network provider to manage setup and network-related troubleshooting for these systems. With the OEMs having to facilitating the troubleshooting, the chain of communication between the end user and the network provider is convoluted and difficult to navigate.


Redirecting Convoluted Communications with SIM Card Provisioning

SIM card provisioning can help OEMs simplify this network activation and troubleshooting processes by creating a direct line of communication between the products end consumer and network provider. SIM-based network connections are a way for OEMs to create sub-accounts for each end consumer. By creating SIM-based network accounts, each customer can contact the network provider directly when issues arise, and the network provider can locate the users account, simplifying the troubleshooting process.

Network providers can supply SIM cards to product retailers, who, in turn, can allocate the SIMs to the end consumers of smart home security systems. SIM cards can be activated immediately when a security system is sold, providing the end consumer with a fully functional, tested device at the time of purchase. Streamlining communication with SIM card provisioning will allow end consumers to conveniently setup and troubleshoot their home security systems, while OEMs will benefit from a decrease in network-related troubleshooting claims that are instead sent directly to the network providers.


Build a Better Home Security System Product with Aeris

Manufacturers of smart home security products know the importance of a high-functioning network to bring a true web of safety to the homes of their consumers. A secure, reliable, encrypted network is no less than essential for any well-designed home security product.

As an established network provider, you can count on Aeris to provide a reliable network that keeps your customers data secure.

At Aeris, we have the technology and expertise to help smart home security OEMs design account-based networks with SIM card provisioning for home security products that prioritize ease-of-use for the end consumer. To learn more about how to develop a home security system product that is easy for users to troubleshoot and backed by a reliable network, Contact Us today.