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Based on your location, we recommend switching to the Aeris Europe website. There you will find information about Aeris' IoT connectivity services unique to your region.

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Keep Homes Secure This Summer With M2M Networks


Summer is the perfect time to pack up and get away for a fun family vacation, or a trip to the beach, and more people leave their homes during the summer than any other time of the year. Allianz Global Assistance USA notes that 57% of Americans will take a summer vacation this yearup 3% points from last yearand travel at least 100 miles away from home for more than a week.

But before families say Bon Voyage, they should be aware that summer is the optimal time for burglars to break into their homesbeing away for an extended period provides ample opportunity for an empty home to be burglarized. According to the FBI, home break-ins are the most common threat to our homes, occurring in the US every 15.4 seconds, and burglary rates overall increase about 10% in the summer.

What can people do to stop the invasions? Of course, they can lock their doors and windows and ask their neighbors to keep an eye out for them. Unfortunately, common strategies such as Neighborhood Watch and target-hardening have had limited success in reducing these crimes.

So, how can home-owners be absolutely sure that their residences will be safe and secure while they are away? Or if an event does occur, how can the response to it be quick and effective? Since less than 15% of burglaries are ever cleared, returning home after a vacation to discover a home has been broken intoperhaps days earlier!greatly reduces the chances of ever recovering any stolen items.

M2M Security Solutions

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications based security solutions can ease consumers' worries about the safety of their homes. Indeed, wireless security Devices are an example of one of the earliest large-scale deployments of cellular M2M applicationsAeriss very first Customer was an alarm Device manufacturer.

M2M security Devices capture the event, and transmit the data through the cellular network to an application server that can interpret the data into meaningful, actionable information.

For example, a home security device can detect a break-in (using door and window sensors), transmit that data using a wireless network to a remote server. The security application on the server can notify the home-owner, or provide the event information to monitoring service personnel who can contact police on behalf of the home-owner.

Many newer security Devices include video feeds to allow the home-owner or monitoring service to verify the break-in event. Due to a large increase in false alarms, and a reduction in the numbers of police officers due to the economy, such event verification is required by some cities and communities before police will be dispatched. These video images do not require high-resolution images, or high frame rates as long as the event is verifiable (visible intruder, etc.), the dispatch is authorized.

M2M services can enable a wide range of monitoring and alarm notification options, enabling home-owners to check the status of their home via their smartphones while sunning on a beach.

Wireless Security Is Becoming The Norm

Older security systems relied on the availability of a traditional land-line telephone service to communicate alarms. However, there is an ever-increasing trend for people to only have cellular phones, without any Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) in their homes. Today, an estimated 35% of cellular users in the USA do not have any land-line telephones in their homes, and this percentage is expected to increase.

Thus, wireless cellular M2M services are well suited for home security applications. The security Device can utilize a cellular radio that uses these M2M network services, independently from the service provider of the home-owner's cellular handsets.

Aeriss secure M2M network helps give homeowners peace of mind while on vacation. Because Aeriss network was designed exclusively for machines, it does not carry consumer handset traffic, therefore delivering more predictable, reliable and secure communications. Not only is the Aeris network optimized for machine performance, it also offers the most robust set of APIs in the industry for guaranteed reliability in communication with remote Devices.

With connected home security devices and a secure M2M network, there is no reason for people to be concerned about leaving home to go on vacation or a special trip. They can stop worrying and get outsidesummer is waiting!

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