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Get the Best Information for Your Region by Switching to the Aeris Europe Site.

Based on your location, we recommend switching to the Aeris Europe website. There you will find information about Aeris' IoT connectivity services unique to your region.

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Managing Your Neo SIM Card States

Change Neo SIM Card StateA SIM card (subscriber identity module) is used to identify and allow users access to a wireless network. It is the gatekeeper for wireless networks and ensures every user on the network is authorized.

Most people are familiar with the SIM cards found in cell phones, but Internet of Things technology requires a different kind of SIM card, such as a Neo SIM, for hardware to transmit data. Any devices access to a network is dependent on the SIM card state: Assigned, Provisioned, Active-Billed, Suspended, or Cancelled. Automatic and manual triggers allow Neo users to switch between each of these states. Manual triggers occur by using AerPort or programming an application using Aeris AerAdmin API, while automatic triggers occur when certain criteria or usage limits are met.

A Quick Note on the Manual Method

All registered cards states can be changed manually at any time by logging into AerPort. From the Devices tab, you will be shown a list of devices registered to your account. At the end of the line your device is listed on, there will be an Edit button you can click. This will take you to the appropriate window for switching the states of your SIM card. This is applicable to any manual method listed below.

States can be also be manually changed through use of the Aeris AerAdmin API.

The Five States of SIMs and How to Change Them

Here is an outline of the states involved and how to change SIM cards from one state to another.


Assigned is the default state for the Neo SIM card you will receive. Assigned cards are considered to be inactive since they must be provisioned before use. Assigned cards can only be assigned provisioned or cancelled states.

Provisioning of an assigned card must be completed manually by using AerPort.

Cancellation of an assigned card is done automatically if the card is not activated within 60 days of being assigned.


Provisioned cards are recognized by and registered with the Aeris network. While devices in this state are active and able to send and receive data, this is a testing state not intended for full-scale use. Cards that are provisioned can be assigned an Active-Billed or Cancelled state.

Active-Billed states can be applied to provisioned cards manually by using AerPort or automatically by either exceeding the complementary data limit for testing provisioned cards or if the card has been in the provisioned state for 6 months.

Cancellation of a provisioned card can be done manually through AerPort or will happen automatically if no data or SMS has been used 60 days after shipment.


These cards are ready to use and be billed according to how much data is used each month. This is the primary state for running your IoT system. Active-Billed cards can only be cancelled or suspended since they have already been assigned and provisioned.

Suspension of an active-billed card can only be completed manually through AerPort.

Cancellation of an active-billed card can be completed manually through AerPort or occurs automatically when your active-billed card has not used data or SMS service for 90 consecutive days.


Suspended cards are still registered with the Aeris network, but are in a state of inactivity. A suspended state allows you to temporarily cease monitoring of hardware without completely cancelling its associated SIM card. Suspended cards can either be reassigned active-billed status or cancelled.

Active-Billed status can be restored manually through use of AerPort or automatically occurs if the card has been suspended for 12 consecutive months.

Cancellation of a suspended SIM card can only be completed manually through use of AerPort.


Canceled cards are no longer registered with or able to communicate with the Aeris network. A canceled card can only be provisioned. This is done by manually logging into AerPort.

Business State of Mind

A provisioned card that should be active-billed can lose valuable information for your business, while an active-billed card that should be suspended can be a sinkhole for your budget. Managing your Neo SIM cards is the most efficient use of your budget since Aeris only charges for the data your devices actually use. There are many interconnected pieces comprising IoT, and understanding SIM card usage is the best place to start.

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