2018 Compass Intelligence Award

Aeris is a recipient of a 2018 Compass Intelligence Award for “IoT App Dev / Platform of the Year for the Enterprise Market.”

The sixth annual Compass Intelligence Annual awards program recognizes and honors companies who have made significant contributions, introduced innovative technologies, launched creative products, and overall impressed or impacted the overall market and of course our voters, the analyst and press community.

Categories run across three primary topical umbrellas including Mobile, IoT, and Bamboo Mobile. Bamboo Mobile is a sub-brand that recognizes companies who are contributing to a more sustainable environment, reusing and recycling materials, and contributing to green tech initiatives.

In addition to the three main award umbrellas, Compass Intelligence also recognizes up to six products or companies that have made outstanding contributions in innovation, technology advancement, and have contributed a positive impact to the overall technology industry.

For more information, read Compass Intelligence news release.