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Get the Best Information for Your Region by Switching to the Aeris Europe Site.

Based on your location, we recommend switching to the Aeris Europe website. There you will find information about Aeris' IoT connectivity services unique to your region.

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Take Your Micro-Brewery to the Next Level with Cellular IoT

Fortune reports that American beers raked in an estimated $252.6 billion in 2014 alone, and the industry has continued growing in years since. With craft-brewing and micro-brewing taking the industry to new heights, more people than ever before are learning how to make beer. But the fermentation process is complex and difficult to control, with any number of variables influencing the taste and quality of your brew. Especially for home breweries and smaller establishments making fewer batches, loss of even a single batch due to quality control issues can set back production for weeks.

Simple cellular IoT networks that you can set up yourself may hold the answer for small-time brewers looking to improve taste and up their production. While some bars, taprooms, and even wineries are already hopping on the trend, this application still is an innovative approach in brewing and could give you the edge needed to take brewing from a hobby to a profitable micro-enterprise.

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The Quest for the Perfect Beer: Limitless IoT Applications

With a cellular IoT network, you can add almost any quality control measure to your brewing process as long as it is SIM card compatible.

Want to make sure fermentation is happening at the right temperature? Add a digital, waterproof thermometer to your next batch. Once on the network, the thermometer can be programmed to alert you via SMS message or the cloud any time temperatures drop or rise beyond your set benchmarks.

Need to keep your brewing ingredients fresh? Add a humidity sensor to your food storage to ensure hops, grains, and yeast are kept dry until they are ready for use. You even can link humidity monitors to environmental control systems. Using machine to machine (M2M) technology, you can combat moisture before it can damage your ingredients by cycling on dehumidifiers as needed.

Do you prefer a fizzier beer? Carbonation can be tracked over time as well with simple CO2 monitors. These same monitors can be used once a beer has been kegged to ensure freshness in each serving.

Want to get a handle on the alcohol content of your brew? With a SIM card-enabled hydrometer, youll be able to remotely measure the specific gravity of your latest beer and keep track of fermenting.

Best of all, IoT tracking allows for more precise measurement of brew times. With each sensor along the network transmitting data back to your cloud, it is possible to integrate new data with open source brewers software to more accurately predict when its time to bottle and serve your latest beer.

It Gets Better with Age: Tracking Your Beers over Time

Like cooking, brewing is equal parts chemistry and science. While the choice of flavor and potency largely depends on the brewers personal taste, consistent reproduction of the same brew over time is all formula. For brewers wanting to recreate a particularly excellent batch, more data means more control. Tracking as much data about the fermentation process as possible will allow a brewer to hone in on the techniques needed for specific qualities and flavors that are important to you, while also allowing you to avoid mistakes. The more data you compile from your IoT network, the more accurate your brewing can become. Consistency is the key to taking your hobby from homebrew to micro-brew and beyond. With IoT on your side, it can become easier to produce higher quantities of good beer and maintain a reliable product that keeps customers coming back for more.

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The Brewers Best Friend: Neo Cellular IoT Solutions

Need 2g, 3g, or 4g coverage for your cellular homebrew network? Neo sells easy-to-install and secure SIM cards that work almost anywhere in the country with almost any SIM card compatible device on the market. We ship directly to your door and our user led community of support offers great answers and troubleshooting help for getting started. If you have any questions about SIM card compatible devices, you can conduct a quick search online to find the latest equipment for your planned application.

While there are many IoT network options, pre-packaged cellular plans often are the easiest to start with and provide a great range of flexibility. SIM card-compatible sensors are easy to purchase or create, and cellular IoT allows for the most flexibility in data transmission. You even can link data transmission with your cell phone using SMS messaging to make tracking updates even easier.

Whether youre brewing IPAs, stouts, sours, or lagers, Neo is the perfect, customizable answer for homebrew tinkerers who live by the do it yourself attitude. Contact us today to find out how Neocan help.