Case Studies

  • Case Studies
Aeris Helps Wisepill use IoT to Improve TB Treatment Outcomes

Wisepill has developed a creative approach to a global challenge, looking at medication adherence through a novel IoT lens.

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  • Case Studies
Aeris and ROAMWORKS: Protecting Cargo from Security Challenges

To assist Dubai Airports achieve its goals, ROAMWORKS provided an end-to-end solution that enabled airport management to monitor, track, manage, and control their asset data around the world, helping customers make better decisions and improve profits.

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  • Book
The Definitive Guide: The Internet of Things for Business

This comprehensive guide for businesses helps you define IoT and covers topics such as platforms, security, sensors, data collection, analytics, use cases, the future of IoT, and much more.

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Industry Briefs

  • Industry Briefs
Leased Asset Monitoring with Aeris Mobility Platform

The Aeris leasing solution connects devices and sensors to assets; collects and stores data; obtains deep analytic insights from collected data; and uses this information to enhance leasing decisions.

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  • Whitepapers
Using IoT Connectivity for Better Healthcare Outcomes

Delivering precise information, along with prompts to take medication, will result in greater levels of engagement, improved medicinal adherence, and, therefore, improved health outcomes for participating patients.

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