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10 Things That Will Kill your IoT Application and How to Fix Them (Quickly!)

As everyone with practical experience in IoT knows, things can and will go wrong with connected applications. If your business is built on a connected product or service, and your remote devices aren’t transmitting data as intended (or are out of control in other ways), every minute that a problem goes unfixed costs you real money and customer satisfaction.


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Smart Irrigation with Aeris Connectivity Produces Higher Yields, Uses Less Water

As water resources becomes scarcer, and increasingly expensive, agricultural businesses are starting to recognize the necessity of achieving significant cost savings by conserving through smart irrigation. The efficient management and conservation of water is becoming ever more important, whether it’s used to irrigate farmlands or large urban landscapes.

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Aeris and Roambee Connect to Keep Customers’ Goods Fresh in Transit

By utilizing Aeris' Iot Connectivity with data management and location capabilities, Roambee provides better global cold chain management service for enterprises at scale.

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Aeris and Wisepill Confront Tuberculosis as One of the Top 10 Causes of Death Worldwide

Learn how Wisepill uses Aeris cellular IoT connectivity to help doctors treat patients with TB and save lives throughout the world. Find out more about IoT is helping healthcare device makers at https://aeris.com/healthcare

Industry Briefs

  • Industry Briefs
Digital Signage: Changing What’s Possible with IoT

Digital signage dramatically increases business awareness, and can deliver location-based, real-time data, notifications, announcements, or services.


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What is the Internet of Things?

There are many different types of networks available to connect IoT devices, including Wi-Fi, cellular, satellite, and more. Here is a visual guide.

Industry Briefs

  • Industry Briefs
Aeris Fusion IoT Network™

Aeris strives to fundamentally improve businesses by dramatically reducing costs, accelerating time-to-market, and enabling new revenue streams. The Aeris Fusion IoT Network is built from the ground up for IoT and road tested at scale.

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The Aeris Mobility Suite for Automotive OEMs

The Aeris Mobility Suite provides all of the software components needed to build and monetize a successful connected vehicle program with global, multi-regional variation, a best-in-class user experience, and rapid feature innovation—all in less than a year, at a fraction of the cost.