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Securing Cellular Enterprise IoT Solutions

Aeris' solutions for cellular IoT device identity, data access security, and remote update management address today's security risks and help IoT device manufacturers and solution providers comply with existing and near-term regulations in ways that are easy to implement.

Industry Briefs

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Distribution Channel Package: Downstream Connectivity Management

Managing connectivity through distribution channels can be very difficult. The challenges are multi-fold and can include large deployments with complex supply chains, lack of visibility and control at the distributor level, and limited ability to influence end users.

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Top Reasons for LTE Connectivity for Fleet

The Aeris Intelligent IoT Network is built specifically for IoT, and includes additional functionality for connectivity status insights, heightened security protocols, and an ability to update devices over the air, regardless of how many or where situated.

Product Sheets

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Aeris ConnectionLock: Restricting Device Communications to Select Destinations

Keeping your data secure can be business critical. Key to all this is the ability to restrict device communications only to select web destinations of your choosing.

Case Studies

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VillageReach + Aeris: Improving Availability and Access to Medicines in Mozambique

Aeris has been working in Africa, with VillageReach and the DPS, for nearly two years to put in place a vehicle tracking system that enables independent monitoring and verification of 3PL deliveries.

Product Sheets

  • Product Sheets
Aeris Connectivity-Aware OTA APIs: Streamlining OTA Update Process

Efficient OTA update processes increase the longevity of the IoT devices by enabling device makers to fix the bugs or introduce new functionality throughout its lifespan.


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LTE-M & NB-IoT: Reduce IoT Connectivity Costs with Wireless Technologies built for Machines

Cost has always been a concern for IoT applications at scale. LTE-M and NB-IoT are newer technologies that address this concern with lower transmission rates and longer battery life, thereby resulting in lower overall costs of IoT deployments.

Industry Briefs

  • Industry Briefs
Aeris Zero Touch Provisioning: Secure, Scalable, Cost Effective

Aeris ZTP addresses costly and time-consuming IoT provisioning processes, particularly with mass deployments of IoT devices. ZTP simplifies the process of onboarding connected devices to the cloud via our secure and reliable network, with limited need for customer action.