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Three Ways to Lead the IoT Revolution in Healthcare

IoT-driven companies can gain a competitive advantage in the healthcare marketplace - specifically in areas such as user experience, operation costs, efficiencies and global expansion. Learn how one healthcare provider (Mevia) delivered on its promise of heightened medical adherence.

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2G GSM Sunset: What do IoT / M2M Healthcare Providers do Now?

In-home healthcare now is recognized as a vital way to deliver cost-effective solutions to patients without compromising services. This shift helps alleviate the constant (and often conflicting) pressure to reduce costs, improve the care offered, and reach larger populations — all at the same time. A major component of this trend involves Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications. IoT/M2M technology enables transmission of data from patients to doctors via in-home devices that monitor a variety of conditions.

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Low Power Wide Area Networks: Making IoT Connectivity Ubiquitous and Affordable

New LPWA connectivity strategies will afford a diverse range of business sectors to seek out operational efficiencies and competitive advantages through collecting, storing, and analyzing business-critical data at levels of granularity previously unseen. Expanding coverage globally, while keeping costs down, is a primary function of these competing technologies. Read about these new technologies, their benefits and drawbacks, to see if LPWA can be a competitive differentiator for your business.