Whitepapers Power Saving Mode

You have many LTE-M devices transmitting data. How do you manage power consumption? Learn about LTE-M features that can improve power efficiency and extend device battery life.

Whitepapers How to Avoid Killing Your Connected Vehicle application

For connected vehicles ensuring everything works correctly can be a challenge. An experienced and attentive connectivity provider plays a pivotal role to catch issues as they occur and work with you to keep your solution working smoothly. In our whitepaper How to Avoid Killing Your Connected Vehicle Application, learn from Aeris’ two decades worth of knowledge in preventing, diagnosing, and resolving issues for IoT devices.

Whitepapers How to Scale Your IoT Solution

To scale your IoT solution without any major complications, you must determine how to manage thousands of connected devices around the globe, combining the right coverage footprint with effective end-to-end monitoring and management. In our latest whitepaper, How to Scale Your IoT Solution, we take you through best practices to follow and pitfalls to avoid when expanding your IoT business.

Whitepapers Getting Fleet Video Telematics Right

The benefits of video telematics in fleet management are clear—accident prevention, driver performance monitoring, incident fault resolution, and more. But incorporating video into fleet management solutions increases the connectivity requirements. Download this whitepaper to learn how to select and configure wireless connectivity to meet the high-performance needs of fleet video telematics.

Whitepapers How Wireless Connectivity Can Make or Break the Success of Your Remote Patient Monitoring Application

Connected healthcare is in its infancy and solution providers have a lot to figure out and get right. Two critical but often underappreciated choices are the type of wireless connectivity to use and how to configure it for success. Download this guide to discover the IoT connectivity features and implementation best practices that can maximize solution reliability, security, and ease of use.

Whitepapers How To Use LTE-M For Battery Powered IoT Applications

LTE-M has power management modes that extend the battery life for IoT cellular devices. Enabling the modes differs for cellular modules from different manufacturers and can be time consuming to figure out. Aeris engineers have conducted extensive testing and documented how to configure the power management modes for cellular modules from major manufacturers in order to reduce the development time for IoT devices.

Whitepapers Blockchain Technology: Working Hand-in-Hand with IoT

First-generation blockchain capabilities have proven to be useful, quick, secure, and cost effective for transactions recording and history for asset tracking purposes. Anything that involves an exchange of value that needs to be recorded is a possible blockchain usage scenario.

Whitepapers IoT Device Security: Upcoming Rules and Regulations

Customers whose IoT programs collect any personally identifiable data should keep a sharp eye on legal developments, state-wide, nationally, and globally, and keep security top of mind in designing and operating their products and services.