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Case Study

SimplyHome Connects to In-Home Healthcare with Aeris

Businesses worldwide have embraced the digital-first mindset with the growing adoption of the internet of things (IoT). As a result, more connected medical devices are being introduced to change the way healthcare services are delivered, allowing recipients to remain in their homes for routine monitoring, improved quality of life, a greater sense of independence, or regular chronic care management.

At the policy level, governments and national healthcare agencies have also stepped in to encourage in-home care programs as a vital way to deliver greater efficiencies and reduce the burden on the healthcare system. Healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) are also expanding in-home services that are tailored to serve the aging population, as well as those afflicted with chronic health issues. To further accelerate the adoption of mobile healthcare solutions, HDOs have begun adopting various connectivity options that can live up to their expectations of being ubiquitous, low cost, easy to scale, secure, and highly mobile.

Many of the traditional connectivity options—such as Wi-Fi— may take time for the end user to set up and are subject to unplanned outages and slowdowns. Faced with these challenges, many organizations that can benefit the most from mobile healthcare solutions are often reluctant to adopt them. Under increased pressure to find more cost-effective solutions without compromising the end-user experience, companies are turning to solution providers who specialize in providing IoT cellular connectivity for mobile medical devices. These solution providers enable connected medical devices to operate with ubiquitous wireless connectivity, high reliability, and strong security.


“We partnered with Aeris because of its flexible pricing structure and comprehensive network coverage, as well as its overall ability to support mission-critical applications. Aeris has been huge for us.”

Jason Ray, Vice President, Business Development, SimplyHome

Customer Benefits

Global Solution Easily Deployed In Minutes, Not Hours

Real-Time Data Access

Iot / M2m Cellular Gateway Provided Reliability And Flexibility

Robust, Secure, Feature-Rich Routing Platform

Carrier Agnostic (Multiple Carriers, One Service)

Customized, Low-Cost Solution Enabling Significant Customer Cost Savings

Tier 1 Support Staffed By Engineers

Flexible Pricing Options With Minimal Upfront Commitment

Aeris Intelligent IoT Network: Intelligent Connectivity with Superior Customer Support

To overcome these problems, SimplyHome needed an IoT connectivity partner that could guarantee reliable, easy-tomanage service. For SimplyHome, Aeris delivered a more reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solution than any other carrier. Aeris’ carrier-agnostic solution provided SimplyHome customers with the strongest cellular signal from more than 50 carriers in North America. Unlike traditional cellular carriers, Aeris did not favor its own cellular network and, for this reason, it offered better coverage than any other single carrier. Also, Aeris offered a flexible pricing plan to meet the different applications that SimplyHome offers their customers.

Aeris helped SimplyHome to expand its business reach to different areas of the country through ubiquitous cellular coverage. This type of access would not have been possible if they were tied to a single cellular provider. The complete SimplyHome solution involved an IoT cellular gateway to power the connection and, after a thorough testing phase, SimplyHome chose Aeris partner CloudGate because of the gateway’s intelligence, reliability, and flexibility. This provided the open and modular architecture SimplyHome needed for its IoT platform.


The result of the Aeris integration was a solution that included an intelligent gateway, an open IoT application development environment with a wide portfolio of expansion cards, and a cloudbased provisioning service. This met all the market requirements for a robust, secure, feature-rich routing platform that supported customers in the field.

For SimplyHome, Aeris created a customized, low-cost structure to enable its unique business model. With Aeris’ intelligent IoT network services, SimplyHome can now offer more competitive pricing to their customers, thereby significantly reducing end users’ monthly bills.

As an added bonus, the time needed to install SimplyHome’s services dropped from two hours to a few minutes as cellular modules can be easily and quickly plugged in by the end users to begin using SimplyHome’s devices.

About SimplyHome

SimplyHome designs and installs wireless technology products and related care-focused services. It is known for its highly-customizable systems that are tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs. SimplyHome products and services range from voice-activated environmental controls, personal emergency response systems, GPS watches, motion sensors, and stove monitors to Virtual Care Management® — SimplyHome’s model for client care.

Aeris is a Trusted Business Partner

Aeris has been one of the early pioneers to help businesses around the world successfully monetize and scale their IoT programs.

We are 100% committed to partnering with you to bring the honest perspective needed to help you reach the business goals. With 30 years of experience, we recognize that one size does not fit all. Regardless of where you are on your IoT journey, your business will change over time. That is why we offer extra features and support options to address your unique set of requirements.