Telematics IoT


As connected telematics and asset management solutions become more prevalent, product OEMs are seeking new ways to enhance services to their customers and generate additional revenue streams outside the original scope of their businesses. 

However, with the shift in value from hardware to software and data, the process to roll out a connected product solution becomes more complex and difficult, and many OEMs lack the background or skills required to succeed. Aeris IoT Asset Management is the solution to this problem, providing a rapid time to market for OEMs looking to roll out connected solutions.

The Aeris IoT Asset Management platform provides a complete solution – from connectivity to a device, data storage in the cloud, analytics and analysis of the data, to pre-built solution modules – thereby delivering OEMs a simple path to a branded solution. These building blocks, which include asset location, alerting, workflow, reporting, and social access, can be configured to meet specific OEM use cases.

Multiple Data Uses

In addition to a rapid time to market advantage, the platform also enables OEMs to move from deploying a single point solution to leveraging the data for multiple solutions within the value chain. This can be essential in developing innovative new revenue streams and to differentiate your business from your competitors.

For example, the first movers in connected healthcare device OEMs (medical packaging, patient monitoring) are finding increased patient satisfaction with differentiated offerings in the marketplace, forcing competitors to play catch-up when rolling out similar solutions. Or a commercial vehicle OEM can leverage the platform to provide multiple stakeholders with value from the single set of data—riders have a smart phone-based application; a financing company might have an asset securitization application; an insurance company provides a pay only as you drive solution; or the OEM itself can provide a warranty and a customer CRM application. This multi-pronged approach is repeating itself throughout numerous verticals as OEMs adopt more revenue-generating pathways of the Internet of Things.

The Value of an Asset Management Platform

The Aeris platform focuses on how to take more out of an asset and make its data readily available across various enterprise processes. This enables high-velocity innovation and speed to market for new features and functionality, thereby driving value to customers. It reduces the time to bring third-party technology to market and leverages the extensive Aeris experience in asset telematics to enable disruptive innovation. And with its global operational capabilities, the Aeris solution can track and support asset customers 24x7x365, regardless of location.

From a connectivity perspective, Aeris IoT Asset Management enables rate plan flexibility, allowing for the introduction of new billing models, and maximizing the profitability of your business model. Additionally, Aeris APIs help automate your program and increase visibility through a single interface. And with the Aeris AerPort management portal, you’ll gain access to a connectivity enablement platform that helps reduce costs and improve efficiency with real-time visibility to devices and the network.

Secure and Reliable Connectivity

Aeris offers an always-on asset management service, anywhere, regardless of the amount of data being generated. And that data is secure as your traffic always is separate from the public internet, unlike competing solutions. With so many devices moving across disparate geographic areas, having different networks can be problematic. Carrier-agnostic Aeris platform supports all variants of cellular technology, including 2G, 3G, or 4G LTE for GSM and CDMA, thereby allowing OEMs to choose the best solution fit based on cost, application requirements, and long-term business needs. Additionally, the Aeris solution provides unique capabilities to decrease the latency of data transmission while optimizing always-on connections.

Additional Benefits

In addition to pre-built modules, Aeris leverages data analytics and machine learning capabilities to drive unique value for our customer applications. We are able to work with our OEM customers to ensure that their solutions are not static functionality, but driving continuous new sources of value for them and their customers.

The benefits of Aeris IoT Asset Management are increasingly apparent as OEMs use the solutions to connect what was once disconnected and enhance product performance. Cargo tracking solutions have become customer service engines. Driver monitoring solutions have improved driver retention and training programs. Medical packaging with embedded sensors assist with medical adherence while saving lives. Geo-location of assets and public safety personnel armed with real-time data have improved emergency response times.

Whatever the reason for adopting an asset management solution or upgrading a legacy product, core business needs based on specific asset operations must be considered. By sourcing experienced vendors and service providers to help you along the way, you’ll find your solution pays for itself sooner, rather than later. Aeris IoT Asset Management provides:

  • End-to-end asset management, regardless of industry, device location, amount of data generated, or billing requirements
  • Real-time access to data usage, alert management, and device connectivity management
  • Easily deployed global solution allows faster time to market
  • Simple set-up solution, ready to go out of the box, with reliable global connectivity, which resolves key business processes
  • SIMs installed at the point of manufacture, thereby removing the need for time-consuming and costly local configuration

With upwards of 10 million devices on the Aeris network, we are adept at delivering innovative, customized M2M and IoT solutions that help asset managers differentiate from the competition, stay on top of their technology investment, and provide more value with the industry’s lowest TCO.