Wi-Fi / Cellular Hybrid


The Aeris Wi-Fi / cellular hybrid solution seamlessly delivers the cost savings of Wi-Fi with the coverage and reliability benefits of cellular — in a single subscription. With a single platform for Wi-Fi / cellular provisioning, billing, reporting, diagnostics, and troubleshooting, the Aeris hybrid solution prevents carrier or technology lock-in, delivering more flexibility for your specific business needs.

Multiple Issues in Need of a Solution

The basic reasoning for the need of a hybrid connectivity solution comes from the fact that separately, Wi-Fi and cellular each have drawbacks. For instance, cellular connectivity comes with higher costs than those associated with Wi-Fi. Signal strength can be sketchy, especially indoors. Power consumption can get quite high, and location services are not as robust as required by most businesses.

Wi-Fi, on the other hand, comes with its own set of challenges. Coverage is not ubiquitous. Security for IoT functionality is severely lacking. Device provisioning is complex and time consuming. And Wi-Fi provides minimal visibility and control. The optimal solution would be a hybrid amalgamation of Wi-Fi and cellular, one that can use the best of each while eliminating the drawbacks of both.

Overcoming Issues with a Hybrid Solution

Rather than looking at what a specific technology cannot do, Aeris looks at what a combination of technologies can bring to the IoT universe. Specifically, a hybrid connection can provide:

  • Improved overall coverage: Quite often, cellular connectivity suffers from poor indoor penetration. A hybrid solution, with an enhanced service selection, can optimize to stronger Wi-Fi signals where available. Additionally, if you are in a Wi-Fi hotspot and leave that area, a hybrid solution can seamlessly transfer you over to a conventional cellular network.
  • Remote troubleshooting, less human intervention: Wi-Fi-only deployments go dark if a signal is lost or network credentials are changed. Wi-Fi credentials, however, can be re-established remotely. Hybrid connections maintain connectivity so any Wi-Fi issues can be investigated / resolved remotely. Fewer truck rolls translate to less hands-on requirements, leading to lower costs of ownership.
  • Simplified installations: Configuring Wi-Fi credentials can be extremely time consuming. A pre-activated hybrid solution can leverage cellular connectivity’s ‘out-of-the-box’ capabilities to enable remote Wi-Fi configuration.
  • Optimized costs: Wi-Fi offers lower data rates. Leveraging data off-loads to cheaper Wi-Fi networks reduces costs and enables increased data consumption.

Aeris Connectivity Management Platform: Automated on a Single Platform

The Aeris Connectivity Management Platform

Aeris has a purpose-built platform that provides a better global IoT solution across multiple carriers and multiple technologies. The Aeris Connectivity Management Platform reduces operational complexities while improving coverage and cost optimization by moving deployments away from connectivity silos to multi-channel implementations. And it does so using a single interface for all carriers, technologies, and deployments. By preventing carrier or technology lock-in, Aeris simplifies next generation hybrid technologies and gives companies greater control over deployments and agreements.

Use Cases in Action

The obvious benefits of a combined connectivity solution have opened the doors to a multitude of business sectors. Just to name a few, those gaining an advantage with a hybrid solution include residential solar; home healthcare; home security systems; smart cities; and vehicle monitoring platforms. All benefit from a lower cost, more reliable hybrid connectivity solution. For example, within the trucking industry (or for any roadway vehicle), cellular connections would work best while the vehicle is in motion, needing GPS or emergency services. While in the depot, however, Wi-Fi would be a fiscally sound (lower cost) pathway for transmitting static data, such as driver logs.

Best of Both Worlds: Benefits of a Hybrid Solution

The Aeris Connectivity Management Platform enables the management of both cellular and Wi-Fi devices from a single platform, thereby reducing operational complexities. Layering both technologies provides enhanced coverage, increases connectivity consistency, and dramatically improves indoor reception.

Authentication controls provide secure connections, adding to Aeris’ security that was built by design, at inception, and not as an afterthought. This level of security, regardless of connectivity type, is unmatched in the industry.

And for total cost of ownership, the Aeris hybrid solution provides cost optimization through low-cost service, but with higher reliability. This solution reduces cost pressures to keep data volumes low. Customers now can add more features, capabilities, and services to their solution without raising costs and killing their business model. The combination of cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity provides more choices, more possible revenue streams, and more business opportunities.