Aeris is a pioneer in the machine-to-machine market, an integral part of the Internet of Things. We are both a technology provider and a cellular network operator delivering comprehensive IoT / M2M services to leading brands around the world. We put the “Internet” in the Internet of Things.

Aeris – Your IoT Innovation Partner

We are an IoT solutions provider with a complete stack of technology from an online management portal to an application enablement platform. With a full complement of cellular technologies, Aeris offers GSM and CDMA for 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE. Our expertise in the technology and service needs of IoT / M2M communications and the companies that deploy these programs improves your business dramatically by reducing costs, improving operational efficiency, reducing time-to-market, and enabling new revenue streams. Read more about Aeris solutions.

The Aeris Team

The Aeris team combines years of technology experience with Silicon Valley innovation and culture. We help our customers succeed with market leading solutions and have fun doing it. We celebrate diversity, thrive on nurturing innovation from everyone, and invite you to join the team that is driving the market. Check out our careers page today.

Social Impact

Aeris is committed to partnering with nonprofits and social impact organizations, making tools available to them for communicating and analyzing data that will enable them to improve the lives of those most in need globally and to foster better use of our planet’s scarce resources. Find out about Aeris’ social impact partnerships.

Your Connectivity Partner

Customers choose Aeris because we deliver enhanced connectivity that drives their businesses. We enable best-in-class IoT / M2M solutions, impacting a wide range of industries. From vehicle crash notifications to burglar alarms to remote healthcare monitoring, we pride ourselves on optimizing IoT /M2M solutions to perform better than any other operator.