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Get the Best Information for Your Region by Switching to the Aeris Europe Site.

Based on your location, we recommend switching to the Aeris Europe website. There you will find information about Aeris' IoT connectivity services unique to your region.

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Aeris IoT Automotive:
Realize the Connected Vehicle Experience

Re-imagine what it means to drive, own, build,
sell, and service cars.

The Connected
Vehicle Revolution

It’s no secret that IoT is driving tectonic shifts in the automotive industry. Empowered by connected vehicles, automotive manufacturers and new market entrants are completely re-imagining the way cars are designed, made, sold, serviced, and enjoyed. The potential rewards are enormous―but the journey is challenging. Which use cases to tackle first, which hardware to use, which infrastructure to build, which partners to trust―countless small decisions can make or break the success of your connected vehicle program.  That’s where we come in.

IoT Automotive: Immediate Business Value

With IoT automotive solutions form Aeris, vehicle manufacturers fundamentally are improving their businesses across the board. Here are a few examples:



Enhance the Driving Experience

The possibilities to expand your offerings and deepen your brand are endless. Drivers can remotely heat and cool their cars from the comfort of their kitchens. Parents can monitor their teen’s whereabouts and driving behavior. Owners can receive, purchase and activate new features―ranging from extra horse power to greater battery range―without visiting a dealer.

Improve Dealer Service
Retention and Quality

Access to detailed information about the usage profile and condition of every car on the road is a marketers dream. Send informed, relevant service offers to keep customers coming back to your dealers. Improve the speed and quality of service by allowing owners to share vehicle performance data with service departments ahead of time.

Earn Revenue from Related Services

Generate entirely new revenue by selling vehicle usage data to insurance underwriters, media companies, and advertisers. Coordinate with third parties to deliver innovative, allied services ranging from usage-based insurance to parking services, in-vehicle delivery services (Amazon Key), or even on-demand car washing.

Reduce Recall Mitigation Costs

Dramatically reduce recall mitigation costs by sending software updates over the air. Eliminate dealer visits for software-related fixes. Run queries to identify vehicles with open safety recalls and send targeted reminders to owners to increase completion rates.

Turn Buyers into Subscribers

Invite customers to subscribe to vehicle upgrade plans and car sharing services―and automatically carry their preferred seat position and radio presets with them from vehicle to vehicle. Enable vehicle owners to safely and seamlessly rent their car to others with remote access control.

Future Proof Your Business

The automotive industry is transforming more rapidly and completely than ever before. With a strong, long-term technology partner in place, spend less time asking whether it’s possible and more time designing and executing your winning business strategy.


Aeris Is Your Trusted Guide

Aeris is the technology partner with more than a decade of experience helping the world’s largest automotive manufacturers on the journey from unconnected product to connected service. We provide the technology and expertise needed to get successful, connected vehicle programs off the ground, in a fraction of the time.

Modular down to the component level, the Aeris Mobility Platform provides OEMs with all of the capabilities required to create and evolve a profitable, connected vehicle program.

What You Can Do with the
Aeris Mobility Platform

Get New Products
to Market Faster

AMP includes pre-built capabilities spanning convenience (remote climate control, remote door unlock), service (remote diagnostics, service reminders); safety (automatic collision notification, roadside assistance); security (boundary alerts, valet alerts); and much more.

Package Services into Products

AMP enables you to segment, package, present, and bill for connected offerings in different regions―as well as for different brands, models, and model years.

Deliver Services across
the Entire Lifecycle

With a library of more than 200 pre-defined business processes, a smart edge client, and lifecycle management, AMP enables you to correctly deliver services across the entire user and vehicle lifecycles―from dealer demo, to service activation, to second and third owners, to disposal.

Grow and Evolve
Your Service Portfolio

AMP is optimized for complex IoT automotive programs that will grow over time. Leverage our smart edge client and over-the-air software update capabilities to remotely add or remove services as they evolve.

The Broadest Technology for Connected Vehicles

Aeris’ modular connected vehicle technology is the broadest in the industry―spanning connectivity to application. Take advantage of our end-to-end offering, or leverage our APIs to consume only the components you need.

The Aeris Mobility Platform: From IoT infrastructure to application, AMP offers the most comprehensive set of technical and functional building blocks for connected vehicle solutions on the market today. Learn More About AMP

The Aeris Connectivity Platform: From cellular connectivity across 190 countries to single-pane-of-glass management of multiple carriers and access technologies, ACP dramatically reduces the cost and operational complexity of connectivity management. Learn More About ACP

We Guide Auto Manufacturers into the Connected World

Empower your connected vehicle program with AMP.