Whitepapers Getting Fleet Video Telematics Right

The benefits of video telematics in fleet management are clear—accident prevention, driver performance monitoring, incident fault resolution, and more. But incorporating video into fleet management solutions increases the connectivity requirements. Download this whitepaper to learn how to select and configure wireless connectivity to meet the high-performance needs of fleet video telematics.

Whitepapers How Wireless Connectivity Can Make or Break the Success of Your Remote Patient Monitoring Application

Connected healthcare is in its infancy and solution providers have a lot to figure out and get right. Two critical but often underappreciated choices are the type of wireless connectivity to use and how to configure it for success. Download this guide to discover the IoT connectivity features and implementation best practices that can maximize solution reliability, security, and ease of use.

Infographics LTE-M Pain Points

As a leading, global provider of cellular IoT connectivity, Aeris has connected millions of devices around the world. We’ve designed our LTE-M offering to help you overcome common connectivity challenges and set the bar for quality service in your industry.


Find out how Aeris is helping cloud-based sensor company, charity: water, keep clean water flowing for people in need around the world.

Webinars Aeris Webinar Encore: Transitioning to LTE-M for Next-Generation Deployment

LTE-M brings new standards for IoT networking by prioritizing low cost, low power, minimal infrastructure, robust reach over massive distances, and scalability advantages for large deployments. Additional benefits gained from LTE-M include: better battery life, lower cost modules, and better indoor penetration. Join us for this webinar.

Whitepapers How To Use LTE-M For Battery Powered IoT Applications

LTE-M has power management modes that extend the battery life for IoT cellular devices. Enabling the modes differs for cellular modules from different manufacturers and can be time consuming to figure out. Aeris engineers have conducted extensive testing and documented how to configure the power management modes for cellular modules from major manufacturers in order to reduce the development time for IoT devices.

Webinars 10 Things That Will Kill your IoT Application and How to Fix Them (Quickly!)

As everyone with practical experience in IoT knows, things can and will go wrong with connected applications. If your business is built on a connected product or service, and your remote devices aren’t transmitting data as intended (or are out of control in other ways), every minute that a problem goes unfixed costs you real money and customer satisfaction.

Videos Smart Irrigation with Aeris Connectivity Produces Higher Yields, Uses Less Water

As water resources becomes scarcer, and increasingly expensive, agricultural businesses are starting to recognize the necessity of achieving significant cost savings by conserving through smart irrigation. The efficient management and conservation of water is becoming ever more important, whether it’s used to irrigate farmlands or large urban landscapes.