Whitepapers Power Saving Mode

You have many LTE-M devices transmitting data. How do you manage power consumption? Learn about LTE-M features that can improve power efficiency and extend device battery life.

Brochures Aeris Customer Care

You’re launching or scaling IoT solutions. What do you do next? See how Aeris Customer Care can help move you forward with end-to-end customer service.

Webinars Implementing Security Management Best Practices

In this webinar, we shine a light into the black box that is cellular IOT connectivity and show how an intelligent network can shed insights into threat vectors and help block attacks. We focus on the most prevalent security threats today, highlight what the industry is doing to combat this growing problem, and discuss best practices for improving IoT security.

Webinars AI and ML Unleash the full potential of your IoT network

Join our Aeris webinar as we share lessons learned and best practices garnered by more than two decades of experience serving millions of IoT devices on cellular networks worldwide. This webinar will provide valuable knowledge on how an IoT network that is based on strong network intelligence can deliver connectivity management, security management, cost optimization, and support intelligence.

Brochures IoT Connectivity Buyer’s Guide: Equipment Manufacturers Edition

Equipment customers are no longer interested in unconnected products. Instead, equipment rental, construction, and manufacturing customers want embedded telematics and connectivity to help optimize usage, resources, and time. In this equipment manufacturer edition of our IoT Connectivity Buyer’s Guide, learn the critical questions you should be asking potential connectivity providers and which crucial features can make or break the success of your integrated telematics solutions.

Whitepapers How to Avoid Killing Your Connected Vehicle application

For connected vehicles ensuring everything works correctly can be a challenge. An experienced and attentive connectivity provider plays a pivotal role to catch issues as they occur and work with you to keep your solution working smoothly. In our whitepaper How to Avoid Killing Your Connected Vehicle Application, learn from Aeris’ two decades worth of knowledge in preventing, diagnosing, and resolving issues for IoT devices.