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Faster, Safer, Smarter IoT

IoT isn’t easy. To build a digital enterprise, you need an Intelligent IoT Network.

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IoT Accelerator is now part of Aeris

Aeris has added Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator to enhance our leadership in helping enterprises connect, manage, and scale IoT more efficiently.



Fragmented networks bridged with our global coverage
Of the U.S. covered with our intelligent network
Countries covered by our network

Adaptive Secure Connectivity

Use business logic to control the behavior of the network

The Aeris Intelligent IoT network constantly learns from millions of connected devices to provide adaptive connectivity with personalized prescriptive recommendations and automation capabilities.

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Flexible Billing

Integrated billing to manage connectivity costs across all of your IoT programs.

Grow with confidence without breaking the bank. Aeris’ flexible billing approach gives you the freedom to choose the rate plan option that best fits your business needs. With the adaptability to change rate plans anytime, you can stay competitive and quickly respond to changing market conditions.


Actionable Business Insights

Optimized business insights to discover operational cost savings and improve your bottom-line growth.

Enhance business processes and maximize your connectivity savings with predictive and prescriptive insights.

Discover savings opportunities and drive new value for customers by leveraging business performance, non-performing asset, rate-plan optimization and other recommendations.



Behavior Analytics Services

Comprehensive visibility and behavior analytics to improve the customer experience.

With the Aeris Intelligent IoT Network, know how your IoT devices and solutions are operating – and performing.

Access services and data visualization tools to discover patterns among shifting and dynamic device behaviors to optimize and enhance IoT deployments.



Intelligent IoT Connectivity
Anywhere You Need It

Global Connectivity. Anytime, Anywhere.

Optimize your coverage at the network and device level while using the only connectivity provider that brings together 600 fragmented networks, covering more than 98% of the U.S. and 190 countries.

Global Connectivity, Simplified and Secured

Experience unified and seamless coverage with our 5G-ready, LTE, LTE-M, 3G, and 2G coverage with our single SIM or global eSIM that helps you bring your devices faster to market.

Protect. Detect. Respond.

Our network intelligence and insights span devices to detect potential security threats and make immediate recommendations for actions to avoid costly attacks.

Freedom to Operate Anywhere in the World

Our combination of network intelligence and SIM technology come together to help bring your devices to market faster and connect to the most optimal network, lowering retries and increasing uptime.

Reduce Costs and Improve Operational Performance

Aeris global eSIM eliminates costly roaming in critical markets and can provide upwards of 50% cost savings. Our network intelligence also automates the optimal service provider network selection to reduce operational complexities.

Reach Your Future State

Access world-class customer support with the Aeris Intelligent IoT network and connectivity management portal.


Manage and Secure Your IoT Devices at Every Stage of the Lifecycle

Protect. Detect. Respond.

The average data breach costs nearly $4 million. Our intelligent IoT network protects, detects, and responds to security threats and vulnerabilities dynamically before they occur.


Streamline and Automate Critical Workflows with Management APIs

Increase developer productivity, improve integrations and bring solutions to market fast and secure.

Monitor your device footprints with real-time metrics and set up alerts about usage, overage, roaming, costs, and device behavior.

Detect anomalies. Automate activation. Combine real-time information with actionable device controls to control the entire device lifecycle. With enhanced visibility and control, you’ll have the insights you need to control operational costs.


Stay Connected with the Latest in IoT

Keep learning. Keep evolving. Keep moving forward.


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Take Control with Intelligent IoT Network Connectivity

Our one-of-a-kind intelligent network helps you speed up time to market and achieve optimal coverage securely and reliably, from a single SKU with support intelligence.


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