Managing the Lifecycle of Your M2M Application
This 5 minute video reviews each step for deploying a M2M application that will cost less to manufacture and operate, regardless of the length of its lifespan.
5 Ways to Lower TCO for M2M
Learn the most important steps for planning, pricing, troubleshooting and more to lower your TCO.
Aeris World-Class Hardware Partners
From radio module partners, to modem suppliers, system integrators and distributors, the most prominent device manufacturers certify their devices for the Aeris Network.


Aeris has customers from every sector of M2M. The Aeris-powered cellular network sends data from trucks, medical devices, tanks, ATMs, digital billboards, cash registers, smart meters, cars, home and commercial security and monitoring systems, tractors, factories, construction sites, weather devices, emergency systems, laboratories, oil fields, traffic signals, irrigation systems and even bicycles.

If you have a need to automate data transmission, equipment monitoring, and/or alerting humans from a remote location, Aeris Communications can get you to market faster. Unlike traditional carriers, Aeris will help you to design, deploy and maintain a M2M application that is optimized for your business, not ours. We offer flexible solutions for pricing, operations and troubleshooting that will save your company time and money. And because we are not a giant corporation, you will get the attention your company deserves, no matter the size of your application. Whether your company works in the fleet, healthcare, point-of-sale, utilities, consumer auto or monitoring and control industry, Aeris can help you create a more profitable M2M application.

See why Aeris is the cellular network of choice for these verticals: