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Advanced Planning Strategies for TeleHealth Industry Brief
Here are the 7 most important things that your healthcare organization must know to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes when using telehealth mobile devices.

Connected Health Solutions

Healthcare organizations are under pressure to lower costs and increase efficiency while improving patient care, and have increasingly turned to telemedicine to provide solutions.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to securely integrate cellular connectivity and eliminate the complexity from the solution so doctors, patients and hospitals have solutions that work out of the box, anywhere, anytime.

Aeris Can Deliver

With Aeris, patients, hospitals and doctors never have to deal with the complexity of cellular, because their solution works from the moment it is powered on.  In addition, Aeris devices are completely walled off from the public telephone network and the internet, providing the most secure connectivity in the industry.

Healthcare Company Challenges The Aeris Edge
Reliable transmission of mission-critical information can fail in rural areas where connection is poor. A seamless footprint of multiple cellular carrier towers.
Healthcare devices must comply with HIPAA regulations to provide secure doctor/patient communications. Aeris provides the most secure access in the industry with a virtual private network overlaid on top of the public cellular carrier networks.
Patients, medical professionals and hospitals are not equipped to deal with the complexities of cellular connectivity. Aeris offers the flexibility to streamline your supply chain and ensure devices work out of the box.
Unclear which technology (2G, 3G, 4G) is right for the solution and how long will that technology be supported. Aeris supports all variants of cellular technology and can be your unbiased partner in determining which one is right for you solution, based on cost, application requirements, and longevity.