Is Your Device Certified for the Aeris Network?
From radio module partners, to modem suppliers, system integrators and distributors, the most prominent device manufacturers certify their devices for the Aeris Network. Contact us to confirm that your device is certified at 1-888-GO-AERIS (1-888-462-3747) or click below.
Managing the Lifecycle of Your M2M Application
This 5 minute video reviews each step for deploying a M2M application that will cost less to manufacture and operate, regardless of the length of its lifespan.


Here at Aeris, our collaborative partners make fundamental contributions to the M2M service we provide. From radio module partners, to modem suppliers to system integrators and distributors, our partners can help you bring a best in class solution to market. Together, we provide our customers with connectivity and services that not only work for machines, but also for your unique business model. If you are interested in partnering with Aeris, please contact us.