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Global Intelligent IoT Network Connectivity

Forward-thinking companies rely on Aeris for building visionary IoT products.

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The Current State
of IoT Security

IoT security is a growing need. The scale, complexity of IoT deployments, and the ever-changing security landscape imply organizations should assume they are constantly under attack.

Watch this video on the left to learn more about important facts on the current state of IoT security, or the product demo below about two specific use cases.

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Advance IoT with Us

Your IoT network connectivity partner in building the future.

Connecting people to ideas, data to action, today to tomorrow. That’s the promise Intelligent IoT connectivity solutions offer. Take the journey into the future with the most intelligent, secure, and reliable network.


Boundary-Free Intelligent IoT Connectivity

Seamless 5G-ready, LTE-M, 3G, and 2G coverage with our intelligent global eSIM.

Accelerate time to market

Simplify and Accelerate Time to Market

Our unified platform provides you with tools and insights to manage devices, rate plans, usage, provisioning, and more.

Increase Margins and Profitability

Gain visibility into your connectivity costs, and simplify proactive identification, assignment, and management of usage and billing issues.

Intelligent IoT Connectivity

Your journey starts here—with real-time metrics and insights into usage and device performance, you can act quickly to resolve issues, control costs, and tightly manage your devices.

Intelligent IoT Connectivity
With No Boundaries

Experience seamless coverage with our intelligent 5G-ready IoT Network supporting LTE, LTE-M, 3G and 2G cellular technologies. Our latest intelligent global eSIM makes global connectivity easy, reduces retries, and increases uptime.

Simplify Complex IoT Programs

Leverage our connectivity management tools, APIs, and intelligent eSIM technology to make global connectivity easy. It simplifies development and deployments globally.

Prevent. Detect. Respond to Security Threats.

Sleep better at night knowing our Intelligent Security Management tools dynamically prevent, detect, and respond to threats and vulnerabilities before they occur. It also helps maintain compliance.

Stay flexible. Maximize value. Accelerate service delivery.

Gain ultimate flexibility and control to help minimize excess cost so you can continue to deliver value to your customers. As a result, you can effectively scale your offerings regionally and globally.

Develop and Deploy Next-Gen Applications

Aeris helps automotive and auto-adjacent OEMs dramatically accelerate value capture from the digital transformation of the entire vehicle ecosystem.

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“This platform has inherent flexibility which enables new business models through third-party integration and is foundational for V2X communications. Furthermore, it will serve our customers with delightful and useful functions, as well as being a gateway to other digital ecosystems.”

Abdallah Shanti, Global CIO | Volkswagen Brand

Take the Lead with Intelligent IoT Connectivity

Accelerate IoT deployments, deliver better customer experiences, and build the future with Intelligent IoT Solutions from Aeris.


Innovate. We’ll Take Care of the Rest.

Drive your IoT program forward with support services.

For the last 30 years, Aeris has identified and solved the most complex challenges in IoT — so you don’t have to. Minimize your investments in human resources and manual approaches, and focus on generating revenue and profits.

Our designated customer support manager and team are ready to help you envision your business’ future using the latest cellular-based IoT solutions and innovative problem-solving capabilities.




Choose Experience. Choose Intelligence. Choose Aeris.

Intelligent Connectivity is the future of IoT.

Gain control of your connected IoT programs to achieve operational goals, mitigate costly security breaches, and expand profitably at scale.

Leveraging nearly three decades of IoT knowledge and experience, we empower businesses with the most intelligent IoT connectivity solutions, security, reliability, and support that simplifies and streamlines IoT programs at scale.


Stay Connected with IoT Intelligence

Get the latest IoT ideas and intelligence from Aeris.


How to Optimize Results From Your Telematics and Connectivity Provider  
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Paul Tarsey, IoT business development manager at Aeris, speaks to Fleet World about the importance of secure, uninterrupted global cellular IoT connectivity for fleet telematics and management technology, and the considerations for both fleets and telematics service providers.  

Overcoming IoT Security Challenges With an Intelligent Network
Security | Blog

IoT security threats and breaches are on the rise. Given the unique characteristics of IoT devices that make them vulnerable, traditional IT-centric security approaches are not enough. Adopting intelligent security successfully addresses these characteristics to reduce IoT risks.

Foresolutions Reduces Operational Costs with Performance-Optimised Multi-Carrier Coverage & Remote Issue Diagnosis 
Customer Stories | Case Studies

Foresolutions, a provider of tracking solutions to a variety of different sectors, leveraged the Aeris
Intelligent IoT Network™ to serve the needs of their customers in the pharmaceutical sector.

Axon Telematics Launches New Self-Install Telematics Solution in Record Time with Aeris 
Customer Stories | Case Studies

To quickly adapt to social distancing requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic, Axon Telematics, a leading supplier of high-quality telematics solutions, needed to bring a self-install usage-based insurance (UBI) solution to market in a very short timeframe.

Maximize your ROI with intelligent 5G-ready global connectivity 
Connectivity | Brochures

The fifth generation (5G) of cellular technology will improve the performance of Massive IoT and Critical IoT applications. See how our intelligent network can help!

Intelligent IoT Connectivity
Starts Here

Start your journey towards a more connected, intelligent future with Aeris’ IoT connectivity solutions.


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