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About Us

Successful IoT programs begin with Aeris, the IoT solutions provider with 30 years of experience optimizing machine-to-machine communications.

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Achieve Optimal and Reliable Worldwide IoT Coverage

Positively impacting the world for generations to come.

Founded in 1992, Aeris Communications is a global leader in IoT connectivity solutions with a proven history of helping many of the world’s largest companies unlock value through connected technologies. By leveraging nearly three decades of IoT knowledge and experience, we empower businesses with intelligent IoT cellular connectivity, security, reliability, and support to simplify and streamline IoT programs at scale.

Our connectivity solutions combine leading technologies, workflows, and insights with best-in-class support and expertise to help businesses simplify complex IoT deployments. Our solutions give businesses critical visibility into managing connected IoT operations seamlessly and effectively. By helping businesses gain control of connected IoT programs, we enable them to achieve operational goals, mitigate costly security breaches, and expand profitably at scale.


Leading Aeris Communications Forward

We lead with expertise, and that expertise starts with our team. Years of technology experience combined with California’s Silicon Valley innovation and culture contribute to making us a leader in our industry.

By harnessing these diverse perspectives and innovations, we continue to thrive. Helping you succeed with market-leading IoT solutions drives us to aspire to new heights. We invite you to join a company that’s leading the way.


Aeris Milestones

More than an MVNO, Aeris Communications is an IoT solutions provider. This means we deliver a full spectrum of solutions to keep your IoT programs running efficiently, safely, and affordably. To do this, Aeris has continued to grow, making technical advances and regional accommodations to serve you better.

Founded in 1992 in San Jose, California

Founded by Chris LaDue and Rachmat Martin

icon of innovation

Developed and patented a core cellular network

Built our own infrastructure to support IoT M2M systems

Expanded internationally in 2010

Headed European operations in the UK

Established India partnership in 2011

Opened the India subsidiary office in 2016

Introduced a new hub in the Midwest

Opened the Chicago, Illinois, branch in 2016

Your Route to Tomorrow

You don’t have to embark on your IoT journey alone.
With Aeris, you have a knowledgeable partner to help you launch and navigate the most optimal solutions.


A Mission Built on Making a Positive Impact on the World

We’re here to help companies achieve optimal connectivity.

At Aeris Communications, we believe IoT will have a profoundly positive impact on the world for generations to come. The improvements made possible through IoT—improving patient care, preserving our natural resources, eliminating vehicle fatalities, and providing power to remote parts of the world—are just now being realized.

Our mission is to help companies achieve optimal connectivity across boundaries by providing the foundational groundwork that drives digital transformation worldwide. Our extensive knowledge and experience help businesses realize the remarkable potential of their connected IoT products through our intelligent IoT network.


Future Proven Network Intelligence Takes Everyone Farther

Define the future. Take the lead with Aeris.

As the most intelligent network on the market, the Aeris Intelligent IoT Network (AIIN) delivers the greatest reliability, coverage, security, and value. Secure by design, it is the only global cellular IoT connectivity platform built from the ground up with intelligence at its core, offering the most flexibility to build, launch, and scale customized connected experiences.

Aeris Communications provides connectivity solutions for businesses that need to deploy connected products efficiently, securely, affordably, and at scale. Unlike a mobile network operator (MNO) or mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), the Aeris Intelligent IoT Network relies on its core intelligence to deliver the most flexible, reliable, and secure IoT network at the best value. Along with our best-in-class support, we help businesses plan for and address complex challenges as they arise.


“Aeris’ high-quality service and IoT expertise ensure that our solutions have optimum reliability and our customers’ devices possess a reliable connection, at all times, no matter the location.”

By utilizing the Aeris connectivity management platform for IoT devices, BBOXX was able to have real-time access to data usage, alert management, and device connectivity management over the SIM life cycle.


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