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IoT Performance Management

Get control at scale of your IoT solution to stay flexible, maximize value, and accelerate service delivery.

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Adapt to Market Conditions with Flexible Rate Plans

Switch rate plans at no cost.

From pooled rates and pay-as-you-go options to single upfront payment and fixed bundle rate plans, Aeris gives you the control to select the rate plans that best meet the needs of your business.

With end-of-month and mid-cycle rate plan changes, we give you the ultimate flexibility, so you can adapt to changing business needs and market conditions freely.

Future-Proof your IoT Solutions

With real-time metrics and insights into usage and device performance, you can act quickly to resolve issues, control costs, and tightly manage your devices — wherever, whenever.

Identify Problem Devices Faster

Leverage traffic monitoring, usage reporting, and customizable device-level alerting capabilities to identify and remediate performance issues remotely.

Resolve Connectivity Issues Proactively

Use real-time visibility into network activity and device-specific alerts, and then apply device-level actions to address issues instantly.

Control Costs Across the Supply Chain

Tightly manage your supply chain to control costs with device provisioning, in-factory testing, automated end-user activations, and on-demand billing suspension.

Get Real-Time Device Metrics and Remote Diagnosis

Access network data in your dashboard, drill down to device-specific data, and maximize performance through automation and network orchestration.

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“It is critical that our customers’ assets are tracked with zero downtime. With Aeris, we have found a partner who delivers that network reliability, regardless of geography.”

By eliminating reliance on a single network and automating IoT device management and monitoring, Foresolutions, a provider of tracking solutions, maximized performance, lowered costs, and streamlined SIM management.


Devices Monitored
Saved Annually with Underperforming Device ID

Maximize the value of your IoT programs with billing visibility

Say ‘no’ to suboptimal visibility and performance.

Achieve granular visibility across usage and billing transactions globally. Aeris’ interactive analytics portal identifies device usage and billing trends with end-of-month billing projections.

Using forecasting models and advanced data analytics, the Aeris Intelligent IoT Network predicts device behaviors and provides you with unparalleled insights into both low or non-performing assets and optimal rate-plan mapping of devices across all your IoT programs.


Accelerate Service Delivery with Simplified IoT Connectivity Management

AerPort offers a single pane of glass for IoT connectivity management.

Get full visibility and control across all your IoT devices and programs, no matter the carrier, while lowering operational costs and improving device performance with real-time device usage metrics, customizable alerts, and device behavior insights.

Automated lifecycle management, distribution channel management, and secure API access allow your team to onboard, monitor, and manage connected devices easily at scale.


5% of Devices Can Cause 95% of Your Costs

Find and eliminate cost sinks.

Cost overruns from suboptimal rate plans, underperforming (or non-performing) devices, and connectivity inefficiencies are a thing of the past. With the most intelligent IoT network and device management, you have complete control and flexibility in managing costs.


Connectivity costs and plans

Optimize Your Rate Plans

Reduce connectivity costs by switching to a plan matched to your needs — including single payment, pay-as-you-go, and pooled plans with discounted rates for high-usage applications such as video.

Supply chain logistics

Automate the Supply Chain

Provide a seamless, turnkey customer experience at scale with automated SIM activation and deactivation throughout your entire supply chain.

Connectivity billing

Use Intelligent Billing Management

Empower your team or your distributors to manage their connectivity independently with intelligent and automated billing for each of your accounts and sub-accounts.

Reach Your Future State

Access world-class customer support with the Aeris Intelligent IoT Network and device management portal.



Keep Tabs on Devices and Stop Overages with IoT Device Management

Easy device provisioning and traffic management keep you in control.

Monitor your device footprints with real-time metrics, and set up alerts related to usage, overage, roaming, costs, and device behavior.

Detect anomalies. Automate activation. Combine real-time information with actionable device controls to control the entire device lifecycle. With enhanced visibility and control, you’ll have the insights you need to control operational costs.

Manage and Secure Your IoT Devices at Every Stage of the Lifecycle

Authenticate. Provision. Configure. Monitor. Maintain.

IoT performance management is critical for establishing the health, connectivity, and security of your IoT devices and the connected customer experience.

But you also need to protect your devices using a single platform that works for any connected device. With unmatched visibility, security, and scalability, Aeris gives you the flexibility to offer a superior experience for your customers anywhere in the world.



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Take Control with IoT Performance Management

Real-time remote monitoring and management give you comprehensive control of your IoT devices.


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