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IoT Security Management

Protect. Detect. Respond.

Aeris has over 20 years of experience helping IoT developers protect their deployments from attack. Read this eBook to understand the key issues and building blocks for a secure IoT device.
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IoT asset security
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The Growing Need for IoT Security

IoT security is a growing need. The scale, complexity of IoT deployments, and the ever-changing security landscape imply organizations should assume they are constantly under attack.

Aeris can help you eliminate the visibility “black box” in cellular IoT to enhance and improve your organization’s security posture.


83% of IoT Communications
are not Encrypted

Learn how you can secure communications from your IoT devices to your applications from unauthorized access and data leaks.

Security in class icon

Best-in-Class Security

Respond to threats with an extensive set of capabilities—ranging from tight, role-based access control to password management—to prevent security breaches.

Analytics dashboard

Visibility and Analytics

Gain deeper visibility with intelligence from advanced analytics built to analyze device behavior and detect anomalies at scale.

A Icon Alerts And Actions In Near Real Time

Respond to Alerts in Real-time

Block communications with specific IP addresses, or suspend the SIM with just a single mouse click.

Checklist with magnifier

Regulatory Compliance

Maintain highly accurate historical data and improve preparation for audits by many regulations such as PCI, PII, and HIPAA.


Reduce Risk of Security Breaches

Keep your devices and data communications secure.

Your IoT assets face growing threats, including stolen SIMs, SIM swaps, unauthorized endpoint communication, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Aeris IoT Security Management offers an extensive set of capabilities at the SIM and network level to secure data-in-transit to your application servers. Gain visibility and take action to secure your IoT solutions.



Built-in Visibility into Device and Network Behavior

Continuous real-time traffic monitoring of the network combined with advanced IoT device network behavior analysis lets you rapidly detect security issues and breaches in your cellular IoT devices with minimal human resources.

Find Security Issues Faster

Move from a reactive approach to a
proactive one.

Aeris’ tools alert you to device behavior anomalies and indications of compromise to help you detect threats to your organization.

Immediately control and contain possible breaches, eliminate data exfiltration activities, and suspend or block compromised devices.




of IoT communications are insecure
minutes is the average time to first attack on an IoT device
is the average cost of a breach

Configure Safeguards Beyond Best Practices

Security isn’t just an option. It’s a necessity.

Find and eliminate security holes, and establish a security posture in line with IoT security management best practices. Mitigate the risk of a data breach by continuously evaluating and implementing appropriate safeguards.


Secure SIM

Secure SIM

Automate the identity and access management (IAM) process between the device, the network, and the cloud.

IP Address privacy

Private Dedicated IP Addresses and APN

Ensure devices are not accessible on the open internet.

A Icon Virtual Private Network VPN

Virtual Private Network

Secure data from your devices to your application servers.

Secure SMS

Enable private networks that only allow SMS via secure APIs.

Firewall icon

Firewall Within the Network

Restrict access to and from authorized sites.

Star network icon

Software-Defined Transit Network (SDTN)

Establish role-based access control and whitelisting from remote access.

Stay Ahead of Threats with
our Cybersecurity Webinar

Find out how to protect your data, your devices, and your business.


Detect and identify threats before they become critical

Built-in visibility and analytics with near real-time alerts.
Rapidly discover threats and malicious activity with integrated visibility as part of your connectivity.


Real time alerts

Proactive Security Alerts

Receive alerts whenever device behavior deviates from the norm and whenever specific malicious activities occur.

Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)

Explore trends for relevant security metrics that indicate a potential device compromise or attack.

Magnifying glass fingerprint

Deep Forensics

Drill down to investigate anomalies in device behaviors across dimensions—destination URLs, DNS servers, device IDs, and more.

Respond Rapidly to Contain Breaches

Close security gaps and contain breaches. Eliminate data exfiltration activities, and suspend or block compromised or hacked devices.


A Icon Embedded IoT Connectivity Management System

Connectivity-Aware Updates

Fix software bugs or block security vulnerabilities faster than ever before with real-time information on device availability prior to executing an update. Achieve efficient scheduling, reduce retries, and reduce time to completion.

Cancel device

Suspend or Cancel Devices

Gain complete autonomy to provision, suspend, reactivate, and cancel SIM subscriptions throughout the lifecycle.

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Keep learning. Keep evolving. Keep moving forward.


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Get Built-in Security With Intelligent Connectivity

You no longer need to compromise on security. With Aeris, you get the best of both worlds: great connectivity paired with best-in-class security.


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