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IoT Security Management

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IoT asset security
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The Current State
of IoT Security

IoT security is a growing need. The scale, complexity of IoT deployments, and the ever-changing security landscape imply organizations should assume they are constantly under attack.

Watch this video on the left to learn more about important facts on the current state of IoT security, or the product demo below about two specific use cases.

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IoT Readiness Calculator

Determine Your Readiness to Deploy IoT Solutions

Leverage our proprietary survey tool to measure your readiness in mission-critical areas.

  • Invest only 15-20 minutes to complete the survey
  • Get a personalized score for your level of IoT project readiness
  • See individual scores for business and technical requirements
  • Understand relative scores across peers in your industry


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Be Thoroughly Prepared to Launch Your Cellular IoT Solution

Aeris’ Chief Technical Officer, Syed ‘Z’ Hosain, discusses how a foundational assessment ensuring you have the right elements in place could mean the difference between the success and failure of an ambitious IoT program. Discover how you can avoid some of the common mistakes that prevent 30% of IoT projects from coming to fruition.

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of IoT communications are insecure
minutes is the average time to first attack on an IoT device
is the average cost of a breach


Reduce Risk of Security Breaches

Keep your devices and data communications secure.

Your IoT assets face growing threats, including stolen SIMs, SIM swaps, unauthorized endpoint communication, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Aeris IoT Security Management offers an extensive set of capabilities at the SIM and network level to secure data-in-transit to your application servers. Gain visibility and take action to secure your IoT solutions.



Gain Visibility into Device and Network Behavior

Discover vulnerabilities that bolt-on security tools alone cannot find.

Continuous real-time traffic monitoring of the network combined with advanced IoT device network behavior analysis lets you rapidly detect security issues and breaches in your cellular IoT devices with minimal human resources.

Respond With Agility Using IoT Security Management

Move from a reactive approach to a
proactive one.

The Aeris Intelligent Security Center surfaces device behavior anomalies and continuously monitors your IoT security posture to help you find and close security holes.

End-to-end lifecycle management allows you to immediately control and contain possible breaches, eliminate data exfiltration activities, and suspend or block compromised or hacked devices.



83% of IoT Communications
are not Encrypted

Learn how you can secure communications from your IoT devices to your applications from unauthorized access and data leaks.

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Best-in-Class Security

Respond to threats with an extensive set of capabilities—ranging from tight, role-based access control to password management—to prevent security breaches.

Analytics dashboard

Visibility and Analytics

Gain deeper visibility with intelligence from advanced analytics built to analyze device behavior and detect anomalies at scale.

A Icon Alerts And Actions In Near Real Time

Alerts and Actions in Near Real-time

Accelerate incident resolution with configurable threshold-based alerts over emails or events using secure API calls into their security information and events management (SIEM) systems.

Checklist with magnifier

Regulatory Compliance

Maintain highly accurate historical data and improve preparation for audits by many regulations such as PCI, PII, and HIPAA.

Configure Safeguards Beyond Best Practices

Security isn’t just an option. It’s a necessity.

Find and eliminate security holes, and establish a security posture in line with IoT security management best practices. Mitigate the risk of a data breach by continuously evaluating and implementing appropriate safeguards.


Secure SIM

Secure SIM

Automate the identity and access management (IAM) process between the device, the network, and the cloud.

IP Address privacy

Private Dedicated IP Addresses and APN

Ensure devices are not accessible on the open internet.

A Icon Virtual Private Network VPN

Virtual Private Network

Secure data from your devices to your application servers.

Secure SMS

Enable private networks that only allow SMS via secure APIs.

Firewall icon

Firewall Within the Network

Restrict access to and from authorized sites.

Star network icon

Software-Defined Transit Network (SDTN)

Establish role-based access control and whitelisting from remote access.

Stay Ahead of Threats with
our Cybersecurity Webinar

Find out how to protect your data, your devices, and your business.


Detect and identify vulnerabilities before they become critical

Built-in visibility and analytics with near real-time alerts.
Rapidly discover vulnerabilities and breaches with integrated visibility as part of your connectivity.


Real time alerts

Near Real-time Alerts

Security alerts map to NIST NVD/CVE categories with configurable threshold-based alerts over emails or events using secure API calls.

Security Risk Score

Leverage machine learning (ML) and advanced data analytics to continually adapt to new vulnerabilities and threat detections at a scale relative to your personal composite security score.

Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)

Explore trends for relevant security metrics that indicate a potential device compromise or attack.

Magnifying glass fingerprint

Deep Forensics

Drill down to investigate anomalies in device behaviors across dimensions—destination URLs, DNS servers, device IDs, and more.

Respond Rapidly to Contain Breaches

Close security gaps and contain breaches. Eliminate data exfiltration activities, and suspend or block compromised or hacked devices.


A Icon Embedded IoT Connectivity Management System

Connectivity-Aware Updates

Fix software bugs or block security vulnerabilities faster than ever before with real-time information on device availability prior to executing an update. Achieve efficient scheduling, reduce retries, and reduce time to completion.

Cancel device

Suspend or Cancel Devices

Gain complete autonomy to provision, suspend, reactivate, and cancel SIM subscriptions throughout the lifecycle.

Stay Connected with the Latest in IoT

Keep learning. Keep evolving. Keep moving forward.


Getting IoT Security Right: How Successful Enterprises Achieve Better ROI – June 22, 2023 
Security | Webinars

This joint Aeris and ABI Research webinar will walk attendees through practical business strategies designed to extract more out of an enterprise’s IoT security investment, yielding a greater return/ROI and stronger security posture for enterprise cellular IoT programs. Results from a survey of 150 North American and European enterprises will also be unveiled that examine where, how and why large enterprises are currently allocating their IoT security budgets and spend. This webinar will also walk through the IoT security buying journey and corresponding considerations including primary IoT security spend drivers, associated costs and key stakeholder inputs in the decision making process.

Cellular IoT Cybersecurity Considerations for Manufacturing
Security | Blog

IoT security took center stage at the IMC IoT Summit panel \”Industrial Cybersecurity: Key Considerations for Manufacturing & Fabrication\” last month. Aeris co-founder and chief evangelist, Syed \”Z\” Hosain, joined Ellen Boehm, senior vice president of Global IoT Strategy & Ops at Keyfactor, for a wide-ranging conversation around the state of cellular IoT security at large, and how manufacturing enterprises should prepare now to adequately secure their IoT investments.

Webinar: Key IoT Cybersecurity Considerations 
Security | Webinars

Hear how the growing IoT landscape has impacted the security of connected devices and IoT networks for manufacturing enterprises.

Common Hurdles to IoT Device-Level Security
Security | Blog

As enterprises implement and manage cellular IoT programs, the security of IoT systems and connected devices is a major concern. Research conducted by Kaleido Intelligence found that 85% of surveyed organizations see cybersecurity breaches as a pain point. One of the most difficult aspects of managing a successful IoT program is ensuring the security of hundreds – if not hundreds of thousands – of connected devices. Threat actors often target this equipment because they are notoriously difficult to secure.

How Malware Threatens Cellular IoT Programs 
Security | Whitepapers

Malware represents a significant threat to IoT systems and enterprises. What\’s more, recovering from a malware attack can cost organizations millions of dollars.

Get Built-in Security With Intelligent Connectivity

You no longer need to compromise on security. With Aeris, you get the best of both worlds: great connectivity paired with best-in-class security.


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