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Connected Vehicles

Get ready for Software Defined Vehicle revolution with the industry’s broadest suite of SaaS tools for automotive digitalization.
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Connected vehicle program

Benefits of Software Defined Vehicles

Deploy a future proof connected vehicle program

The move to software defined vehicles places significant requirements on the OEM to be able to effectively mirror each vehicle in the cloud and provide regular software updates to both application modules and underlying operating systems.

Attempting to manage software within a vehicle without a properly structured vehicle image and SOTA management solution can become exceedingly complicated and can lead to significant issues with fleet management. Aeris Mobility Suite delivers the path to full control of software defined vehicle architectures with a platform designed to cope with the increasingly complex world of automotive telematics and the migration to fully software defined vehicles.

Accelerate time to market

Win the race to market

Get a state-of-the-art connected vehicle program to market in less than six months.

Support and services

Build customer loyalty

Upgrade existing connected vehicle infrastructure to achieve a 5x improvement in customer experience.

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Innovate quickly and securely

Deploy new applications with automotive-grade hardening in less than 90 days.

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“This platform has inherent flexibility which enables new business models through third-party integration and is foundational for V2X communications.”

Abdallah Shanti, Global CIO, Volkswagen Brand

Enhance the performance,
security and application velocity of your existing solution

Go farther and faster, more securely.


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Sub-6 months time to market

AMS provides end-to-end modular technology-supported by 200+ pre-defined vehicle lifecycle and supply chain business processes, including CRM and payments, which facilitate implementation in the OEM’s operating environment.

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Unparalleled customer experience with best-in-class security

Optimize end-to-end systems from device to application to ensure best-in-class power management, and military-grade security at network, transportation, and application layers, including two-factor authentication.

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New applications in 90 days

AMS enables OEMs to deploy new applications as fast as technology companies deploy new smartphone apps.

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Cloud-agnostic foundation for global expansion

Streamline deployment of a global program across multiple public and private clouds, while maintaining flexibility, autonomy, and compliance with local regulations.

Reach your future state

Deliver a world-class customer experience with the Aeris Mobility Suite.

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Take your connected vehicle program to the next level

Leverage the full Aeris Mobility Suite to accelerate deployments and improve performance.


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