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Connected Vehicles

Analytics Platform

Accelerate your vehicle data collection, normalization, analysis and exposure with Aeris Mobility Suite.

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Connected vehicle platform

Create data collection pipelines and perform advanced analytics on all vehicle-generated data

Vehicles generate a ton of data, both throughout the manufacturing, shipping, selling and deployment phase as well as during daily use. This data can be captured, processed and stored for eventual presentation within a Business Intelligence dashboard. Understanding every aspect of the vehicle lifecycle is critical to market success and Aeris Mobility Suite provides the integrated pipeline, tools and BI dashboard to analyze not only the vehicle fleet status but also the performance of every vehicle.

Aeris Mobility Suite – Customer Story

“Aeris delivered the industry-leading know-how and telematics necessary to allow MITSUBISHI CONNECT to provide safety, security, and connectivity behind the wheel of the all-new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.”

Dan Swearingen, EVP, COO, MMNA Mitsubishi Motor Company

The Aeris Analytics Advantage

Empower every part of your organization with the power of data

Every part of your organization benefits from connected vehicle data. From being able to secure a real time view of vehicle manufacturing, shipping, sales, campaigns, activation and resale, all aspects of the distribution business can be closely monitored and improved. Once vehicles are in the field, each one can generate substantial data as to the health, usage and performance of all software controlled or monitored functions. This data can be captured, uploaded, anonymized, normalized and stored in a data lake for exposure via either inbuilt tools or APIs.

Data Collection

Aeris Mobility Suite delivers the mechanism for every vehicle to feed a constant or periodical uploading of selected data sets to the cloud.

Data Storage

Once received, Aeris Mobility Suite performs advanced functions on the data before storing in a flexible data lakes. Data normalization, anonymization and GDPR compliance can be performed as required depending on the data source.

Exposure and Analytics

Data stored within Aeris Mobility Suite can be accessed by the Aeris BI framework or alternatively exposed via API to selected third party applications.