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Connected Vehicles

Mobility Ecosystem

Access an extensive library of connected vehicle applications and reduce deployment time of new services by 70%.

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Connected Vehicle Platform

Tools and programming interfaces to build, deliver, and administer

High velocity via an extensive library of applications.

Developing the core functionality of location, usage, safety, security, health, status and convenience applications of a connected vehicle solution can take years. On top of this, customers have come to expect intuitive, clear, and simple user interfaces.

Aeris removes the heavy lifting by providing an extensive library of mobility applications and reduces your time to deploy new features and applications to months, instead of years.


Mitsubishi Motors Logo

Aeris Mobility Suite – What Our Customer’s are Saying

“In an ever-changing, connected world, we needed to ensure that our vehicles provided customers with the personalized and enriched driving experience they desire. Aeris delivered the industry-leading know how and telematics necessary to allow MITSUBISHI CONNECT to provide safety, security and connectivity behind the wheel of the all-new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.”

Bryan Arnett, Director of Digital Product Strategy, Mitsubishi Motors

Mobility Application Platform Advantage

Focus your resources where differentiation happens

Outpace the industry with a head start from Aeris.

The Aeris Mobility Suite application platform allows your teams to focus on what differentiates your vehicle from the competition – the features and functionality that define your brand.

With a library of tested applications, you can unleash your team to create, design, and deploy industry-leading applications at velocity.

Location and usage

GPS, POI, Trip History, Locate Vehicle, Utilization, Boundary Alerts, Idle Alerts


Location Sharing, Harsh Driving, Automated Collision Notification, Roadside Assistance


Movement and Status Change, Alarm Notification, SVT, Remote Engine Disable

Health & safety

Status and Health Check, Diagnostics, Service Alert, Maintenance Reminders, Appointment Scheduler


Remote Operations, Integrated 3rd Party Services, Amazon Echo/Alexa, Google Home

Reach Your Future State

Deliver a world-class customer experience with the Aeris Mobility Suite.


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