Analyst Reports IOT NOW: How to Optimize Networks for IoT

Managing networks for IoT is a different discipline to that of smartphone networks because of the different profile of IoT traffic which is subject to pronounced, yet predictable peaks and troughs. Learn how Aeris can help optimize your entire IoT network.

Analyst Reports IOT NOW: How to Launch IoT Products Successfully

IoT applications and services now are moving from cautious, limited volume trials and pilot projects into mainstream, mass-market deployments. The next set of challenges will revolve around rolling out solutions at scale. Read this white paper to see how Aeris can help.

Analyst Reports How to Achieve Efficient IoT Transportation Operations

Transportation and telematics have been among the long established areas of the M2M and IoT markets. But how should you optimise IoT deployments? Download this free white paper to learn the essential factors on how to achieve optimal efficiency.

Analyst Reports Investing in an Internet of Things Solution: Asking the Right Questions to Minimize TCO

An M2M / IoT device maker with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can gain significant cost advantages over time. This report by the industry research and analysis firm, IDC, offers a checklist to help M2M businesses judge the TCO of competing services on an equal level, beyond initial connectivity pricing, to achieve maximum cost savings. The IDC checklist covers key cost differentiators, including data usage, troubleshooting and lifecycle changes.