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Get the Best Information for Your Region by Switching to the Aeris Europe Site.

Based on your location, we recommend switching to the Aeris Europe website. There you will find information about Aeris' IoT connectivity services unique to your region.

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Aeris Infinity Support™

General — Aeris is dedicated to ensuring that your devices and applications work on the Aeris Network at the level that meets your business’s M2M communication needs. Aeris has developed Infinity Support™ to provide the critical capabilities you need to achieve breakthrough performance in operational efficiency and solution uptime. All enterprise customers automatically receive Infinity Support at no additional cost.

Support for Onboarding and Commercial Deployment — Aeris provides limited ad hoc Help Desk or sales engineering support to new customers in order to assist them during their on-boarding onto the Aeris network. Customers requiring extensive support for larger numbers of devices, enhanced support during the critical period of device deployment, or faster response times or support outside of normal business hours, are encouraged to purchase additional support services.

Professional Services — If you require support services outside of the scope of your support level, you may pursue a fee-based service request. Please ask your Account Manager for more information or a quote.

Future Changes to Support Policies — Aeris may update these Support Policies from time to time. No update to the Support Policies will result in a material reduction in the services available to you during the term of your subscription.

Support Services — Accounts in good standing will have access to the 3 main categories of support services—Aeris Help Desk Services, Proactive Problem Notifications, and the Aeris Online and Automated Information Systems – for assistance with issues regarding the operation of your devices on the Aeris network or use of the web services, such as AerPort. See “Exclusions” below for issues not covered by these Support Policies.

Contacting the Help Desk — Contact the Help Desk at any time online at, by email to, or by telephone during the hours shown for your support level in the table below. For best service, please have a description of the devices impacted, time of incident a description of the conditions at the time of the incident and your good faith estimation of the probable Severity Level.

Support Analyst Response Times — The support analyst assigned to your case will provide you, within the response time guaranteed for your support level described in the table below, a determination of Severity Level and a description of actions underway to investigate and resolve the issue, as well as an estimated time for resolution. In the event that your support analyst is unable to determine the cause of a covered issue, and additional diagnosis requires joint efforts between Aeris, your device provider, and/or your application providers, your support analyst will notify you of this determination and work with you as you initiate and coordinate a joint investigation across the organizations involved in delivering your M2M services. You may request an escalation of a service request for all Severity 1 or 2 issuesby contacting your support analyst; see the table below for escalation paths and response times for your support level.

Proactive Problem Notifications — Aeris will provide proactive notification to designated customer email contacts of problems whenever we become aware of an issue affecting the Aeris networkor the AerPort portal, generally within 30 minutes of issues of Severity Level 1 or 2. Updates will be posted in AerPort.

Aeris Online and Automated Information Systems — All customers have access 24x7x365 to the AerPort portal, where authorized account users can track device activity and costs, manage devices, set and review alerts, and generate reports. Help using the portal is available by initiating a service request; see “Contacting the Help Desk” above.

Exclusions — Aeris will not be obligated to provide support services under certain circumstances as described below. Issues not covered by these Support Policies include:

  • Issues not related to the Aeris network or to web services or other systems within Aeris’ control
  • Your failure to implement any updates to your applications and devices in compliance with the requirements available at AerPort if implementation would have avoided the issue
  • Changes you make to your device hardware or customer services without following the requirements available at AerPort
  • Your use of the network or web services other than in the manner specified by Aeris, including failure to use any APIs specified by Aeris
  • Issues with any device or customer application not related to the operation of the Aeris network or web services, including any accident, negligence, or misuse of a device

Severity Levels — When you make a service request, your support analyst will make an initial determination of the severity level and will communicate this to you. If you disagree with the determination, you may ask your support analyst to consult with you on the appropriate designation.

  • Severity Level 1 means either all of your connected devices are down or that Aeris network or web services are down, either generally or in multiple markets, or that connectivity between your systems and Aeris has been broken (as determined by Aeris monitoring of the Aeris network).
  • Severity Level 2 means that there is an impairment of the Aeris network or web services that severely impacts multiple customers or the performance of multiple units, resulting in an individual market being “down” (meaning that no network traffic is being passed between your systems and any of your devices deployed on the Aeris network) or “impaired” (meaning that some of the functionality of Aeris network or web services is either not available or performing below normal levels), there is a complete provisioning failure or device management functionality is impaired.
  • Severity Level 3 means that there is a minor outage or partial loss of service that either (a) impacts a portion of a service for multiple customers but which is noncritical or that has a minor impact on functionality or (b) affects only a single customer or small group of End Users in a relatively minor way..
  • Severity Level 4 means you have a question about how some part of the Aeris network or web services works, would like information such as a traffic report or trouble ticket update or upcoming maintenance windows, need help with login, have a suggestion for improvement of the Aeris services, or have other questions not involving an actual impairment of your service.

Infinity Support™

Support Team Length of Agreement
Help Desk and Support Team Hours of Operations Severity 1 & 2: 24x7x365

Severity 3 & 4: Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM CST (US Customers)
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM (EU Customers)

Incident Reporting and Case Management

US customers call

Customers in Europe call


Severity 1 & 2: 24x7x365
Severity 3 & 4: N/A

Service Level Commitments
Network Uptime 99.95%
AerPort Uptime Availability 99.90%
Automated Acknowledgement of Opened Ticket 5 minutes
Analyst Initial Response Times 4 Business Hours
Escalation Path and Response Times
    Severity 1 1. Help desk to Director of Operations and VP of Operations (immediate)
2. Operations to VP of Engineering (less than 1 hour)
    Severity 2 1. Help desk to Director of Operations (immediate)
2. Director of Operations to VP of Operations (2 hours)
    Severity 3 Not Available
    Severity 4 Not Available
Root Cause Analysis (Severity 1 and 2 only) 5 Business Days of Ticket Resolution
Initial Proactive Notification of Severity 1 or 2 Impairment 30 minutes
Scheduled Maintenance Notifications 5 Business Days in Advance
Monthly Case Summary Reports Not provided (viewable in AerPort)
Quarterly KPI Reports No