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Get the Best Information for Your Region by Switching to the Aeris Europe Site.

Based on your location, we recommend switching to the Aeris Europe website. There you will find information about Aeris' IoT connectivity services unique to your region.

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IoT in Healthcare:
Better Patient Outcomes

Aeris IoT connectivity helps healthcare providers increase patient wellness, reduce risk, avoid heavy upfront fees, while providing the lowest TCO possible.

Learn Why Healthcare Providers Choose Aeris

Remote Patient Monitoring and Medical Adherence Save Lives

Aeris provides IoT cellular connectivity that enables medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers achieve the highest levels of patient engagement and medicinal adherence, with the lowest TCO, regardless of global location. The insights gained from a connected healthcare deployment enable new business models, market differentiation, operational efficiencies, and increased revenue generation.

Benefits for Patients

With Aeris connectivity, patients have access to improved health outcomes and quality of life with real-time support and interventions. At-home care can shorten hospital stays, help prevent emergencies, and reduce re-admissions. Device data goes directly to the physician, reducing response times to any medical anomalies. And, as advanced IoT healthcare devices improve medical adherence and patient care oversight, they also lower the overall price of care. Aeris allows providers to expand their reach into underpopulated rural areas, address medical compliance issues for insurance companies, and gather data to produce life-saving medicinal adherence insights.

Better Health and Quality of Life

When patients take the correct medicines at the correct times and receive at-home care, their health outcomes and quality of life improve greatly.

Shorter Hospital Stays

With excellent care carried out at home, there is reduced need for long hospital stays. This, in turn, lowers overall healthcare costs for both the patient and the provider while allowing the patient to remain in the comfort of their own homes.

Fewer Emergencies

With IoT at-home monitoring, health catastrophes can be avoided, even to the point of saving lives. With real-time alerts, care providers have the latest information on the patient, even when they are in different locations.

Fewer Re-Admissions

When problems are avoided, patients won’t have to be re-admitted to the hospital, saving a great deal of time and energy for patients and care providers alike.

Lower Healthcare Costs

IoT healthcare connectivity and remote monitoring devices can improve patient outcomes and lower total healthcare costs. Over-the-air updates further lower costs for large deployments.

Healthcare in Expanded Areas

IoT can make it possible for healthcare providers to extend their practices into rural or underdeveloped areas.


IoT for Medical Adherence

With Aeris connectivity, healthcare providers now can offer an unparalleled solution to help tackle the problem of medical adherence (sensors in blister packs, pill dispensers, and pill pouches can monitor a patient’s medicinal intake) while providing patients with real-time intelligence and feedback, no matter where they live. Additionally, Aeris’ flexible approach allows healthcare providers to roll-out global solutions without the added headache of changing payment plans or being faced with untenable upfront fees.

Nearly $300 billion is spent on missed medication and adherence issues in the U.S. alone, with the global pharmaceutical market’s revenue loss reaching approximately $564 billion. And that does not speak to patient outcomes when medicines are not taken properly or on time.

IoT for Remote
Patient Monitoring

Aeris connectivity is changing the way health services are delivered, allowing recipients to remain in their homes to receive care and avoid costly hospital stays. Companies are expanding in-home services, providing solutions for independent living specifically tailored for aging and disabled populations worldwide.

In 2010, there were 207 million people older than 75 years of age worldwide. This figure will rise to 265 million by 2020. As healthcare system demands increase with the aging population, a significantly higher burden will be placed on healthcare providers to achieve greater value within healthcare budgets.

Aeris remote patient monitoring includes an open IoT application development environment with a cloud-based provisioning service. The Aeris Connectivity Platform (ACP) meets all market requirements for a robust, secure, feature-rich routing platform that assists customers in the field with real-time data while enabling an aging population to remain in their homes for as long as possible.

Aeris can help with all your healthcare connectivity needs. To get started on your IoT healthcare journey, please contact us today.

Customer Benefits

Global Connectivity

Aeris offers 2G, 3G, 4G, and soon-to-be 5G cellular connectivity in more than 190 countries across more than 550 carriers, all delivered on a single platform. Our networks are built specifically for IoT, which produce better reliability, performance, visibility, and control.

Real-Time Data Access

With low latency and the ability to handle large volumes of data, our fast network provides easy access to data in real time.

Reliable, Flexible
Cellular Service

Aeris delivers flexible, next-generation connectivity and platform functionality. We use our platform to enable IoT connectivity to maximize the value and profitability of your application while we manage the underlying complexity.

Feature-Rich Platform

Our healthcare IoT connectivity options are supported by a robust, secure, feature-rich routing platform.

Carrier Agnostic

Aeris’ carrier-agnostic network means you have the benefit of multiple carriers, all under the umbrella of one service―with a single-pane-of-glass view of all devices.

Customized and Cost-Effective

Have your deployment specifically tailored to your business so as to be cost-effective, with minimal upfront commitment, and significant savings over other connectivity options.

High Customer Satisfaction

When a product’s actual reliability performance exceeds the customer’s expectation, the customer considers the product, and the company, reliable. Each of our healthcare customers has experienced a measurable increase in satisfaction levels after switching to Aeris connectivity. We take the time to listen and learn from our customers.

Connectivity is Key

The dependable, always-on, 24×7 connectivity options that Aeris provides means faster and more secure data. A single dashboard manages all devices across CDMA and GSM networks, wherever they are deployed, ensuring standard operational processes and improved efficiency. And seamless plug-n-play operations, with no in-home installation requirements, means the system is ready to go out of the box—simply power on the device and it is active on the network. This, along with minimal upfront fees, brings about a significantly lower cost of entry, as well as a lower total cost over the long term.

  • Faster, More Secure Data

    Get updated data in real time on a secure network that is built especially for IoT and firewalled from the public Internet.

  • Single Management Dashboard

    Manage all devices from one user-friendly dashboard, no matter where or how many devices are deployed.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

    Get a lower cost of entry, and a lower total cost of deployment lifecycle ownership, for all your healthcare connectivity needs.

Helping Care Providers

For healthcare providers, connectivity enables the monitoring needed to support the extension of clinical environments into a patient’s home, thereby reducing costly hospital stays. The automatic transmission of monitoring data from the device directly to the data center allows patient data to be accessed with increased frequency, thereby providing timelier treatments and better visibility into compliance practices, both of which impact insurance reimbursements.

Insurance companies need to know if a medical device is being used properly, or at all. IoT monitoring provides the usage data that these companies need in order to authorize reimbursement payments.


Aeris offers 2G, 3G, 4G, and soon-to-be 5G cellular connectivity in more than 190 countries across more than 550 carriers. Our networks are built specifically for IoT, which gives you better reliability, performance, visibility, and control. Choose the option that works best for your company’s specific business needs.


Aeris provides your company with access to leading nationwide 4G LTE connectivity, optimized with 3G fallback capabilities.


With access to more than 50 North American CDMA carriers, Aeris provides ubiquitous coverage to your devices, ensuring you can send and receive data as needed.


With more than 400 partners across 190 countries, Aeris provides worldwide connectivity with unmatched depth of coverage to your devices.