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Aeris Mobility Suite — A Leading Mobility Service Platform

Choose a proven, cloud-native technology stack with the Aeris Mobility Suite.

Aeris Mobility Suite Capabilities

Leverage IoT for Connected Vehicles with an Automotive-Grade Platform

The bar is very high for a mobility service platform — and we’ve cleared it.

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Mobility Services Platform

Enable contextual offers and on-demand services.

Mobility Application Platform

Build. Deliver. Administer faster and more efficiently.

Device Platform

Automate device configuration to scale and evolve.

Connectivity Platform

Get best-in-class support automation backed by Intelligence.

Mobility Edge Platform

Activate. Deactivate. Run services. Capture data.

Aeris API One ™

Connect car data with remote operations for the automotive ecosystem.

OEMS in production

Vehicles deployed


Aeris Mobility Suite Benefits

Build and monetize a successful connected vehicle program

Connections that span the globe.

Get the tools you need to win in a connected world. Access the software components needed to build and monetize a globally connected vehicle program with multi-regional variation, a best-in-class user experience, and rapid feature innovation.

Win the race to market

Get a state-of-the-art connected vehicle program to market in less than six months

Build customer loyalty

Upgrade existing connected vehicle infrastructure to achieve a 5x improvement in customer experience

Innovate quickly and securely

Deploy new applications with automotive-grade hardening in less than 90 days

Aeris Mobility Suite Story

“This platform has inherent flexibility which enables new business models through third-party integration and is foundational for V2X communications.”

Abdallah Shanti, Global CIO, Volkswagen Brand

Seamlessly Connect with Your Mobility Service Platform

Go further with IoT for connected vehicle programs.

Deploy solutions whether or not carrier networks are proliferated in your regions. Our network architecture and SIM technologies, such as eSIM, are designed to help your devices seamlessly switch and connect to the most optimal network, lowering retries and increasing uptime.

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Sub-6 months time to market

AMS provides end-to-end modular technology-supported y 200+ pre-defined vehicle lifecycle and supply chain business processes, including CRM and payments, which facilitate implementation in the OEM’s operating environment

Unparalleled customer experience with best-in-class security

Optimize end-to-end system from a wireless connection to telematics application to ensure best-in-class power management, military-grade security at network, transportation, and application data lakers, including two-factor authentication.

New applications in 90 days

AMS enables OEMs to deploy new connected vehicle applications as fast as technology companies deploy new smartphone apps

Cloud-agnostic foundation for global expansion

Streamline deployment of a global program across multiple public and private clouds, while maintaining local flexibility, autonomy, and compliance with local regulations.

Reach Your Future State

Access world-class customer support with the Aeris Intelligent IoT network and device management portal.

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Streamline and Automate Critical Workflows with API One ™

Increase developer productivity, integrations, and bring your connected vehicle program to market fast and secure

For developers, API One ™ dramatically reduces the implementation and ongoing fine-tuning costs of integrating every service with every OEM platform one at a time, so your organizations can stay focused on service innovation.

For OEM’s, API One ™ eliminates the need to update legacy platforms and to work directly with every developer organization, driving a significant increase in your access to a large ecosystem of monetization partners while keeping your teams focused on making great connected cars.

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A Mobility Service Platform to Take Your Vehicle IoT Program Farther

Activate your future with the Aeris Mobility Suite.

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