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Aeris is the leader in IoT Communications. Here you can find white papers, case studies, webinars, and other information about how Aeris helped others with their connectivity needs and how we can help you with yours.

How to Optimize Results From Your Telematics and Connectivity Provider
Fleet | Blog

Paul Tarsey, IoT business development manager at Aeris, speaks to Fleet World about the importance of secure, uninterrupted global cellular IoT connectivity for fleet telematics and management technology, and the considerations for both fleets and telematics service providers.

Overcoming IoT Security Challenges With an Intelligent Network
Security | Blog

IoT security threats and breaches are on the rise. Given the unique characteristics of IoT devices that make them vulnerable, traditional IT-centric security approaches are not enough. Adopting intelligent security successfully addresses these characteristics to reduce IoT risks.

Foresolutions Reduces Operational Costs with Performance-Optimised Multi-Carrier Coverage & Remote Issue Diagnosis 
Customer Stories | Case Studies

Foresolutions, a provider of tracking solutions to a variety of different sectors, leveraged the Aeris
Intelligent IoT Network™ to serve the needs of their customers in the pharmaceutical sector.

Axon Telematics Launches New Self-Install Telematics Solution in Record Time with Aeris 
Customer Stories | Case Studies

To quickly adapt to social distancing requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic, Axon Telematics, a leading supplier of high-quality telematics solutions, needed to bring a self-install usage-based insurance (UBI) solution to market in a very short timeframe.

Maximize your ROI with intelligent 5G-ready global connectivity 
Connectivity | Brochures

The fifth generation (5G) of cellular technology will improve the performance of Massive IoT and Critical IoT applications. See how our intelligent network can help!

Connectivity Buyers Guide For Fleet Telematics Providers 
Fleet | Buyers Guide

How to find a supplier that exceeds all of your requirements – and offers hands-on guidance to help you launch faster.

The Internet Of Things For Business 
Connectivity | Book

Whether you want to attempt initial entry
into the IoT-sphere, or expand your existing
deployments, this book can help you meet
your goals, providing deep understanding into
all aspects of IoT

The Approach to Deliver Scalable & Secure IoT 
Security | Guide

The sheer volume of devices in an IoT network makes them an attractive target. This security guide highlights the growing hidden risks and proven, real-world solutions to safeguard investments in IoT.

Pitfalls on the Journey to the Connected Vehicle, and How to Avoid Them 
Automotive | Whitepapers

Leverage a Trusted and Proven Technology Partner to Lower Costs, Minimize Risks, and Speed Up Time-to-Market for Connected Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, and More

IoT Connectivity Buyers Guide 
Connectivity | Buyers Guide

This insightful guide is designed to help you evaluate cellular IoT connectivity providers against the critical dimensions of connectivity, security, business performance, and support with a focus on the specific capabilities that make or break success at scale.

Rapidly identify, predict & resolve IoT security issues with artificial intelligence 
Security | Industry Briefs

As the Internet of Things (IoT) scales up, manual processes and analyses performed by human beings become unviable because of the increasing amount of data.

Understanding the promise of eSIM for IoT security & control 
eSIM | Industry Briefs

Drew Johnson explains the nuances of eSIM adoption and the path to widespread deployment of this technology.