Product Sheets Aeris Fusion IoT Network

If you are just starting out on the IoT journey, or find yourself on that road but could use additional insights and cost-saving solutions, see how the Aeris Fusion IoT Network can help your company grow and succeed.

Product Sheets Aeris IoT Asset Management

The Aeris IoT Asset Management platform provides all the elements (hardware, software, connectivity, and support) required for an overarching asset management solution. Aeris IoT Asset Management helps managers stay connected so as to monitor the movement, status, and behavior of any asset — regardless of location.

Product Sheets Aeris IoT Services and the Power of Action

Aeris is committed to developing partnerships with social impact organizations, making available the tools needed to communicate and analyze data that will improve the lives of those most in need, as well as to foster better utilization of our planet’s scarce resources. Our solutions, ideas, and people help bring connected solutions to social impact enterprises working in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

Product Sheets Aeris IoT Analytics

The Aeris IoT Analytics dashboard provides a consolidated overview of all account information, including billing, usage, and devices under management. Aeris IoT Analytics transforms data into insights; visualizes historic data; and defines patterns, trends, and rankings in real-time reports. This process allows organizations to fully understand and control their deployment, which then can lead to new revenue streams with new services.

Product Sheets Aeris Company Overview: Globally Tested. Future Proven.

Aeris IoT Services provides an end-to-end modular technology platform that enables customers to make the pivotal change from their unconnected product to connected services. This comprehensive IoT solution is geared to enhance revenue, create new services and business models, and provide a distinct market differentiation to create distance between you and your competitors.

Product Sheets Aeris AerPort: A Connectivity Management Platform

Aeris AerPort provides device management oversight, easily provisioning devices, activating billing, providing location and tracing capabilities, suspending or canceling devices, and providing an access to customer support.